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 That only applies to a subset of their employees. California is extremely restrictive on non-compete clauses, because they are terrible.
I just re-read the citation to better respond to this, and I still think it's a very heavy discussion for email. The two of them have obviously worked together for a lot of years. I thought the use of 1997 related to that in the sense that it was the last time they really needed an aggressive advertising stance. The agency contact is referring to an overall narrative after receiving an email concerning negative PR. As for the emergency meeting, look at Schiller's initial...
I'm not sure if you missed the point that the VGA connectors aren't there to plug in CRTs. Regardless some of the adapters are absolutely terrible. I've had good luck with monoprice cables that have different end connectors. Take a look at the reviews on Apple's adapters. They aren't a highly profitable item. Apple might design the the look of the external plastic shell components, but everything else is obviously sourced and produced as cheaply as possible. I've used them...
 That must have been an important account, and yeah I would have expected their face to face meetings to keep things synergetic. In such cases they have the opportunity to speak about the overall direction and review any generated pre-production assets or concepts to be pitched. Email just seems like a weird place for that, because if there is any misinterpretation, you can't correct it in the same time frame as you would over the course of a meeting.
No it isn't. VGA ports stuck around on specific notebooks due to projectors and their replacement costs (more than you probably think). HDMI didn't become somewhat common until more recently, and I don't recall dvi every being dominant there. I can probably guess why most of them migrated to HDMI rather than displayport. Anyway at least attempt to be accurate.
 Schiller seems overly sensitive and weird here. What you describe isn't a problem with ad agencies. A company can be explicit in the message they want to send. In the case of the ad agency executive, he referred to narratives. They're just an issue of what kind of message is conveyed. If they're so far apart on message that seems more like a meeting topic than one to be discussed via email.
I'm not sure, although utilization is another important point. In terms of the notebooks it became much more useful on the rmbp models than the older ones. In many cases daisy chaining isn't an option, so having one port tied to any high bandwidth operation isn't that great. It's especially the case if you ever have to hook up to a larger display. This may be 3 years past launch, but it could be very interesting, especially if 10G hardware comes down in price. I blame the...
Ah I was going from memory on that one. Thanks.
   This is sort of related to both posts. I seem to remember Cydia had notifications before the standard iOS or Android implementations.
 I was examining whether a color engine and raw photo processor would run under iOS. One is well documented but the coding style is completely wacky to someone unfamiliar with it.  I was trying to figure it out via the public api documentation. I debated stepping through the code in a debugger to try to make a flow chart out of it, but that sounded awful. The other attempts to emulate static class variables in C through the use of preprocessor macros. Then it uses odd...
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