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I suspect the thunderbolt display doesn't move enough units to be a high priority. Apple never updated it to match the imac design, which I originally thought they would do 6-7 months after the redesigned imac rollouts. I don't see the cinema display on their site now, and it didn't come up in a store search for "cinema display". It may still show up in refurbished form.
 Ahem and one more As for Apple acquiring a foundry, it's a high level of risk, and they have no real expertise in that area. They have always pushed risk off onto their vendors.
The difference is often exaggerated when you're below an ideal amount of ram. If it has to frequently access a pagefile, the value of that disk speed becomes much more apparent.It's actually more than just the cpu package. Things such as the display have quite a bit of impact on battery life. Power management has to be aggressive in multiple areas to get close to that kind of battery life.
He probably anticipated it being gold plated.
 Their answers don't contain a lot of depth, but that isn't really the point. You have mentioned being against all taxes, and you stated "taxes are theft". It seems to contradict your claim that you could support a plan like that one.
 I don't see a lot of workloads that fall between this and the 15" mbp. Typically if you can leverage all available power, there's a pretty significant gap there. I see sluggishness due to ram and disk access far more than cpu bound problems when it comes to lighter tasks.
How would you pay for anything then including items that were part of its original charter? Printing more currency to do so would just be a stealth tax anyway, due to increased inflation. 
 I do get the problem with going by benchmarks. It's just not a very meaningful metric. I was also pointing out that the performance in 2011 is irrelevant. This ships with a different OS, and overall performance with whatever is shipping today is the important thing. Older hardware can often appear like it was never usable, but it didn't run the same software.
 There wasn't an enormous spread between the top and bottom processors in that tdp range. I do think the comparison misses the mark though. What matters is how it runs typical basic (or any other) applications today.
 If you're going to troll these things, you should do better fact checking. Marriage predates churches and Christianity. In fact it held secular roots in many cultures.
New Posts  All Forums: