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I can't understand why you think they would replace usbc with thunderbolt after one generation. If thunderbolt was the preferred option for this machine, they would have used the prior thunderbolt or delayed it. Changing ports after six months to a year is just going to anger customers if they buy any accessories. It's one of the least sensible things to do unless they decide they really made a mistake.
 You clearly don't read your own articles.
  Quote:Can you source "had to" and indicate any terms and conditions. Your previous links indicate sales speculation, not developer terms and conditions. If you like I'll link you to their developer terms. They don't deny app store approval unless it is in fact redundant. They aren't always clear, but it's not like you suggest.
 That's a restriction on the federal government, not state governments. I guess you must really hate the FAA.
It can apply to pros as well. I'm not sure there's any point in my arguing with bsenka. I think he is misrepresenting this somewhat, because no one I've ever met would jeopardize their income due to a $10/month subscription. They might complain, bu that's about it.
They do because Pixelmator is not a feasible option for them. If Pixelmator is insufficient, they don't buy it. They would purchase the cheap item if it met their needs. The $10 / month will also not break anyone's business model, even in a third world country. Sticking to CS6 is different. If it breaks with the next version of OSX, I'm sure many people will examine their options at that time. It comes down to feasibility again, because no one wants extra costs.
  Quote:Okay I get your distinction. There's still the issue of permanence due to divergences in technology. I don't terms to get any more consumer friendly.  You would be correct. I've recycled those things. It's a pain in the ass. It would be better to force companies to deal with that on the manufacturing end, because most people don't even know how to dispose of them. It's not promptly displayed anywhere when you purchase the things. They're marketed by energy savings,...
There is no such thing as a non-profit patent. The patent may be owned by a not for profit entity. Non-profit entities still charge for services. They just have to reinvest any budget surplus back into the business entity itself. They cannot actually distribute remaining funds to private owners or shareholders, because those don't exist in the same sense for a non-profit entity. The university can charge a licensing fee, which as someone else mentioned may fund further...
 You don't really own most of what you buy in the sense that there are restrictions on use. For example it's illegal in many states to place computers or other electronics in the trash. You can buy a house and not own any kind of mineral rights to the land. Movies may differ slightly, but if you bought one on VHS, ownership won't really help you today. The same goes for dvds.
 There are changes. None of them matter if you can accomplish work, but I think you misinterpreted my comment. He talked about a purchasing decision as if he's making one today. Adobe charged $750 for photoshop and around $2500 for creative suite. If the $30 solution of Pixelmator will suffice, he's lying to himself suggesting that he would pay $750 for photoshop. In fact he can still do that with CS6. That will probably work for a number of years. If a future OSX breaks...
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