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You haven't followed that at all or you didn't pay attention to the amount of money that ends up being dumped into things such as deportation, which is an overall stupid strategy when you consider that costs could be lowered by sanctioning any business of individual that acts as an enabler. If legislators decided to attach a $20k fine to any employer who doesn't use e-verify, how many do you think would continue to hire undocumented workers? Consider that a very generic...
Nothing. Consider the age and size of  the company. It is what is necessary today.
Sarcasm? 1GB is below the minimum supported amount for recent versions of OSX.
That's true, but that isn't going to change. You aren't likely to have several companies supply comparable infrastructure due to the upfront costs, and issues of where it runs on both public and private land.
That's part of the issue. There is limited space to run infrastructure. The infrastructure in a given area is owned by a specific company, and they provide the service. Your main source of competition in many areas would be mobile plans, but it's quite expensive (and device limited) to rely solely on that.
I don't know why you would trust the cable companies who push for more power now that they have consolidated so many of the regional providers. Anyway is there anything specific that spurned this alarmist attitude and justified the use of excessive punctuation?
I don't really see the point of all that, but you must really enjoy trolling.
I know you're responding to him, but just to clarify  I was referring specifically to standalone capability, not any specific wireless standard. I think that will be the big upgrade feature as soon as it's feasible with reasonable battery life.
The first paragraph of that is the reason I think it'll be updated sooner rather than later.
You're conflating things, but just in case it helps, I suggest adding yourself to the FCC do not call list. It took care of all random sales calls with the exception of some police charity, which I think may have been a scam (not the cause, just the people calling). I still received calls from what I think was a collections agency that was looking for the previous owner of that number. After a while I just hung up on them without bothering to explain, because they never...
New Posts  All Forums: