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They can basically claim anything that they genuinely owed by foreign tax credit. If they didn't file a return in that country and thus "overpaid", that could be scrutinized, although I don't think it happens much in practice. As you point out it's also a credit rather than a general write-off in the sense of operating costs, so it is applied directly against their actual liability.
  Quote:I forgot to address this one. You might want to read a bit more on that. At the time these companies lobbied for the same things suggesting that it would free up funds for infrastructure investments. It's a matter of what they said they would do vs what actually happened. As for Congress, I do not believe their claims of ignorance on most things.
5% and 10% aren't actually the effective amounts. The big point there is that they do not account for foreign tax credits. The actual percentage itself is arbitrary anyway. It makes little sense to go by what sounds good. Anyway I hope they don't do this. It just takes attention away from the messed up tax laws for a few more years. If they're forced to address the inherent problems prior to any negotiation, something might actually be done. A couple of the links I like on...
That's probably about right, although I somehow forgot to include my reference link in the last post. It's referred to fairly frequently for this stuff.
That mac pro volume is unlikely. This was obviously a busy quarter for the Mac Pro, given that it was the first major update since 2010. Marvin had a decent breakdown estimate. AMD is estimated to have shipped around 20% of all workstation GPUs for the first quarter, up from 15%. Even if that was entirely attributed to Apple, they ship 2 per workstation. 250K would actually be a high number, and given the lack of updates last year, I don't think they sold anywhere near...
I don't expect intel will release one architecture 6 months after the other, even if they say delays in one won't affect the next. They almost never give it less than a year. They say one thing. It changes a few months later. You'll see articles about delays and other random news later on. The current gpus can technically handle 4K. It's more a matter of drivers. I could see them going to integrated only on more machines to cut costs with a retina model.
They have been including more of the half generation refresh cycles, meaning cpu increases .1 ghz and possibly other small changes. They used to ignore many of these extremely minor spec bumps from intel. The gpu model on the Airs is slightly different, but I don't know what the performance difference is like. If they're refreshing imacs now, I doubt we'll see broadwell before early next year.
Oh sorry I thought we were including other taxes as well given the discussion. By that I mean that people often mention that people are the ones who pay corporate tax, which is why I said it's one of many factors in determining final pricing. Anyway you are correct. Sales tax is paid for directly by the consumer, although it sometimes influences purchasing habits. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.
 I actually don't quite understand this one. As far as I am aware there are two issues that might be claimed with one being copyright infringement in the case of code theft and the other being patent infringement if a company runs afoul of a patented feature regardless of whether the code itself is original. Code theft could be either a case of downloading company property to personal devices or hacking it via a disassembler, which granted can be useful for trying to...
In that case I'm sorry I overreacted. I browse through this section at times, but the left/right comments have a tendency to irk me, as I've always viewed that as a horrible way to view other people. It seems like much of how we arrived at this point comes back to people voting against the things they hate most. When it comes to voting for representatives at the state level, I look at their stance on warfare in general as anything but a last resort. I don't really care so...
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