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You may well be waiting forever. Think about how long it took for that damn thing to get haswell.
It probably depends how you define expat. If they're still US citizens yet living abroad, they still file US returns. It also means they have to keep track of exchange rates on income and any foreign taxes paid, which can be credited against US taxes owed. If they actually renounced US citizenship, then they don't file tax returns with the IRS.
The ultimate test of maturity is see whether you can don a fake mustache without laughing. Can you do that?
They still teach assembly language in a lot of programs. It's just never the first course. A few still use C or C++ as a first language, specifically for manual resource allocation and a rather direct way to write unix system calls. Typically if it's C++, they still treat it more like C, with a few quirks such as the use of std::cout over some variant of printf or occasionally putc (just to demonstrate the concept). Reading assembly is quite annoying, but I'm curious what...
There are legalities tied to marriage relating to transfer of wealth, child custody, and a number of other things. If it was up to churches with no codified basis or recognition in common law, it wouldn't be important. The issue of what you call it is also unimportant. The word marriage has been assigned various meanings from a transactional standpoint. My only reason for direct mention of Christianity was that Judeo Christian influence is cited with much greater frequency...
I think IDEs just make it more complicated. A text editor + basic make file is arguably simpler to use than an IDE with many buttons, often incorrect error messages coupled with red squiggly lines, and auto-suggest mechanics. Things like auto-suggestions actually make it take longer to memorize very basic command syntax. In that sense the IDE doesn't make it easier at all. The exception might be in debugging in a language like C++, where it's easy to accidentally "step...
Marriage wasn't always a religious event for those thousands of years. If I'm not mistaken the involvement of Christian churches in weddings (specifically getting married at the church) dates to around the 1600s, possibly a bit earlier (revising my earlier estimate). A lot of its traditions involve property transfer and politics, as you can see with the father giving away the bride. I think it's a little silly to get too focused on the religious aspect of it when religious...
Hmm... maybe. He always seems grumpy, so I read it as a serious post.
This also happens with other operating systems. People find them and devise a patch. Your anger is misplaced yet again.
There are certain federal matters that are tied to it, so it's awkward at the state level. It can affect a lot weird things that you wouldn't immediately think of as being related to marriage (eg visitation rights if one person is in the hospital may or may not be honored). You can't appease all religions, and it's a terrible basis for legislation. Also the idea of marriage as a Christian rite is only a couple centuries old.
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