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There are several 60hz types, but it has to be supported across the chain. The 2013 macbook pro and nMP support it on the Mac side. Nothing else supports it as of today.
Roku worked with more streaming sources, but Apple had imo a prettier ui. I would like to know your reasoning for this.
Iris is still significantly slower than the Iris pro in the quad chips. I'm curious what they'll do, as they moved to more costly cpu options in the macbook pros. For the last couple generations the mini has tracked the cpu choices of the 13 and 15" macbook pros fairly closely. It probably means less hardware to validate. I suspect that for their lower cost machines, they like to reuse engineering work wherever possible.
 I don't always mind that. I mean CEOs can have their own opinions, but he's too focused on something else. His team arguably deserves better than that. Apple isn't entirely immune to that sort of thing either. You may recall the I'm a mac ads. I'm glad they went away from that direction. It's unimaginative. Why do you say that? Roku has been around longer than their set top box. Granted it did start out with an ugly design  when it was a project tied to netflix. I suspect...
 Oh I misinterpreted slightly. Those are dumb comments though, and as before I wish CEOs would talk about their own products. Otherwise it's insulting to the people who actually create them.
Depending on the full context I might agree with you. Their engineers did make a neat device though.
 I've never heard of anyone using bluetooth or wifi to access files needed to compile a program. I don't actually own an iPad at the moment, but I have used them. I wouldn't personally enjoy trying to scroll through a larger program on that screen size.Your options for typing are to allocate a portion of the screen to bring up a virtual keyboard or if you used an external one you would still have to go back to the screen to do that pinch to zoom. It sounds awful (to me)...
 No sapphire...... translucent liquid metal!  I really must be tired, because right now I think that line is funny.
They would need to use a different type of sensor for the color information than luminance. Assuming sensitivity is close enough within wavelengths and IR can be suitably filtered from the recorded spectrum, they could seemingly use unfiltered cmos or ccd chips. The typical RGBG bayer array is in fact made using filtered sensors, as the sensors can't otherwise  differentiate between colors. I'm mostly skeptical on the idea that a much lower depth will be almost as good...
  Are you aware  of such a sensor technology? The current ones are in fact filtered in arrays. There are gaps between pixels that are reserved for additional electronics. It's also important to note that dynamic range is based upon best case scenario. At higher ISO ratings the processing is completely different due to a worse signal to noise ratio which digitizes as noise. They clear parts of it up using various algorithms, most of which do some variation of multiply...
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