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 I was going from memory, but it seems you are correct. The 15" is 4.49 pounds. The 13" is 3.46. I thought it was closer to 3. The macbook is very light by comparison at 2.03 pounds. This suggests 2.63 pounds for a 15" macbook give or take. I just used the 13" rmbp to 13" macbook ratio. Note that the 13" macbook starts at $1300 just like the 13" rmbp. I could see Apple drifting back toward $1700-1800 for a starting price on the 15" models, but I don't think that's what the...
This is asked every time a refresh is anticipated, yet they haven't broken the pattern thus far. The current 15" rmbp is 4 pounds. If you compare the 13" rmbp to the 13" mb in terms of weight ratios, you'll see that you wouldn't drop much weight there. You might go from 3.96 pounds to around 3.25. The macbook has lower specs than the 13" rmbp, yet it currently starts at the same price. I don't think you would see anything below $1700-1800 if you're lucky compared to $2k...
 It would be a bit further. My guess is within eighteen inches. It's not quite as simple as that. You don't really view your display using peripheral vision.
 That seems uncomfortably large for a touchscreen device. You wouldn't view it from very far away if you interact with it via touch, so 42" could be more of a hindrance than anything. It requires a significant amount of available desk space, and you would not be able to visually take in the entire thing. After the bump to 5K (or 4K for the 21.5"), I think the pitch is so tight that you wouldn't see pixels from any distance.
 Wacom is effectively the only pro level graphics tablet. That doesn't do anything to quell my irritation with poorly designed/soldered usb connections or the slight parallax and lag on the cintiqs. They are just the only reasonable option, and the market they serve isn't big enough to support multiple competitors, especially given the number of patents held by Wacom. I think Wacom may have implemented an Adobe RGB panel in one of their more recent displays, but it was all...
Neat! You also mentioned being a developer at one point or another. I thought the progression sounded interesting, but I didn't recall any mention of photography. Didn't you mention being a developer at one point? I would have guessed that at the audio electronics business, but you just insinuated that you handled their product photography.   I must have missed this one. There have been a few exceptional sRGB displays, and the areas that are clipped when compared to...
Edited for less snark : A company can't buy itself. With fewer shares outstanding, they tend to carry a higher premium. I'm just a little tired of others who misinterpret buybacks on this forum. I don't know whether they will keep up the buyback program for the next ten years. That's a high level of speculation.
I suspect Apple would address the matter a bit differently than Wacom. Wacom doesn't actually indicate in their product literature that you require something like needlenose pliers to remove the old nib. The newer generations also wear out quite fast, which is annoying. Then there's their stupid usb cord design.  I thought you previously ran a photo lab.
Take the company public seems like an error. Taking the company private is virtually impossible. What investment groups could really raise hundreds of billions of dollars to pull it off and what would be the point? You would have fewer liquidity options at that point, and now its owners would have far more clout.
You are perfectly capable of using your own words and reasoning. I at least backed up mine with proper detail.
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