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 To the best of my recollection it happened once several years ago. It seems highly unlikely, yet the claim comes up every time a refresh seems overdue. I would call it less likely now due to their size and required volume.
I can't find any Broadwell chips suitable for the 15" that have been released as of yet. Perhaps your results differ?
Well I could see them losing the discrete gpu, but it's highly unlikely that the 15" will go away. It's the most popular notebook size among other oems, and it's likely that it consolidated the majority of 17" purchases when that one went away. Their gpu options suck anyway, especially given the level of markup.
I fixed it for you.
That's not a very exciting one. Where's HAMETA anyway?
Quote:It's unlikely that it's a retroactive thing. I think that's just ambiguity in the way it's reported. Their tax policy overall should be consistent and as free of unintentional edge cases as possible. This is obviously separate from the amount assessed.
Strangely they seem to be accurate. That seems ridiculously high considering the cost to replace an old battery or charger.
I'll probably never understand the point of non-binding arbitration. It seems like a waste of money and resources for all parties involved. Is there in fact precedence for that? I can't find the details, but it is likely that the appropriate standards body wouldn't adopt something with too high a base offer.
It is a typical method, and quite a bit of clothing is produced in Asian countries (and terribly manufactured), even at much higher price ranges. They do sell quite a bit of it at the posted price. I usually order jeans from things like bluefly. Men's jeans aren't that difficult to purchase, and I know what brands typically fit well.
Sog is exaggerating. It's not as high as that, but it's also reduced directly by any tax paid out in other countries. Figuring out origination isn't always straightforward, but as long as they file properly in those countries, whatever tax was paid there is subtracted directly from tax owed here (which still isn't 40%). I would have to look up whether that still applies in Boxer's or Paul's proposals. Neither one of them is ever genuine with their words, but I suspect it's...
New Posts  All Forums: