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That's a strange way to word it. Usually they're identified by their bandwidth. You could in fact place an SSD that would saturate 4 lanes on a 1 or 2 lane bus with pin compatibility (actually I'm not sure that's the right term here). You just wouldn't obtain the same bandwidth.They're strongest with highly parallel operations. There are various libraries for matrix algebra on gpus, because they initially gained traction for scientific computing. Even ignoring the branchy...
 Ah you may have starved your vm of memory, or it may be set to dynamically allocate disk space for the hosted os as needed. If it's both this behavior would be normal. It depends on your hypervisor, settings, and version of windows. OSX still probably has the most memory available to it, as most people only allocate 2GB or less to a vm, whereas OSX retains a larger share. If you boot natively into Windows, take a look at not just how often the disk sees activity, but how...
That still doesn't really say anything, and I haven't found it to entirely be the case with recent versions of Windows. Reasons I can think of for disk access include freeing up ram via swaps, downloading updates, and general disk maintenance. Both OSX and Windows compensate for block level fragmentation behind the scenes. None of this really provides justification of the statement that Windows writes out significantly more data than OSX. It does allocate significant space...
Can you explain that? OSX has its own equivalent to pagefile.sys, and it can write significant data to that. Updates are often bundled better on OSX, but they still involve a non-trivial amount of data.
 How is that short sighted? Most of these bands will not be able to use that 3 months to promote tours, due to their size. On Apple's end it benefits them to commoditize these bands. Apple should in fact just balance their fee schedule to account for trial periods, which I think they'll do now. They already backed off from the previous plan according to the newest articles.
 Other drives also fail, so backups shouldn't be limited to problematic hardware. I understand if the data is trivial, but if you have anything important, you should actually have at least 2 backups.
 Your issue should be with the reporting rather than the researchers. While it's likely that no one ever made use of it, now no one ever will on any machine that can receive the appropriate updates.
You can still purchase CS6 stuff directly through Adobe for the normal price. That seller is a jackass.
You can do that, but if it panics at high temperatures, that's a sign of failing hardware. Otherwise it would shut down somewhere between 200 and 215 F.
Usually these things are related to hardware or drivers. If you changed anything recently before this started happening, it would be the first thing to examine. For example if you recently upgraded ram, I would suggest testing it. It certainly didn't ship with 8GB at that time, and I don't know whether that was a very recent change. The logs you pasted there aren't helpful. I would follow Marvin's suggestion. They may provide some clue.
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