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Apple would have to make an offer that is accepted by whatever people or firms have ownership. What you're suggesting is to counter a lawsuit by offering an even higher payout. What about that sounds like a good idea?
They have released it alongside imacs before. A retina imac should in fact sell itself.
How would this decrease ownership? The remaining shares would trade for presumably higher amounts, and there is no way to force people to hold those for 5 years. In the case of institutions it may not be feasible at all if they have to rebalance their holding.
If it doesn't have a long term impact, how does it really have a negative impact on any of you who might be invested in it?
It's not really normal as far as batteries go, but in my experience they all do this after 3 years or so. I'm not sure about the retina models, but this was common with the old ones. I know it's an old one due to the price quote. It suggests a 2012 13" model. You can always try complaining through Applecare or executive relations as others have done, but the store itself won't help you.
 Quote:You already know the answer to that.
I'll take a look at them later, but are you suggesting that they would port things quickly rather than rely on emulation? Somehow I don't see a reason for them to switch away from Intel at the moment. I've been wrong before, but the macbook was the first place I would have looked for ARM, if it was going to appear in a Mac this year.I've read quantum computing stories for many years at this point. No one has really solved that problem as of yet.
 Then sit on AAPL. You can't expect things to just go up every time without correction. Over the long term it has increased and drastically outpaced inflation.
Intel was considerably faster at the time by any reasonable metric. The G5s led in areas that weren't typically leveraged by their users. The G4s that were used in the powerbooks at the time were extremely slow. That meant that emulation was a slight slowdown rather than an extreme one. If they switched today, it would be extreme. I also think you guys drastically over estimate how much they would drop the price. The lowest imac has migrated to cheaper configurations, yet...
Well yeah it's to be expected. You have passed over generations of hardware on each component. Lately I'm not always sure what updates Apple will or won't use. I'm a little surprised they skipped over Haswell EP on the mac pro. I don't really have a reason to be concerned about that anymore, but intel switches chipsets on that line once every other cycle. Haswell EP would be one. Broadwell EP will use the same thing. Anything after that will use a different socket again,...
New Posts  All Forums: