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It can happen pretty randomly. I didn't see any signs before it hit. It just blue screened one day when something invoked the AMD card. Of course it invokes that somewhat at startup, so the only way to make it boot is to disable all AMD libraries is by logging in as root and moving, renaming, or deleting them.
Your statement is factually incorrect, because there has never been a claim of static temperature. You just made that up, then used it to bolster your statement. It annoys me because it's dishonest. The predominant claims related to the level of fluctuation post industrial compared to a similar period preceding that era.  I've mostly stayed out of this, because I've always been of the opinion that too little attention is paid to other effects of pollution. The OP also...
I was unaware of those details with the Pentium Pro, mostly because I didn't follow computing very closely until the very late 90s, which seems odd in retrospect. I was aware of it in Apple's SoC's. Got it, but that may still be a while. Apple went that route to conserve height. With the mini they reuse design work wherever possible, so I suspect that led to the soldered ram.
So on the cpu package but just not on the die itself?
Well I can't really wait around for that. It would have been nice to make it through to broadwell.
 What do you mean by ram in the processor modules? Are you referring to a growth in cache/sram to the point where dram is obsolete?
The chip has 16 lanes total. Bandwidth for thunderbolt, usb3, graphics, drives, etc. all come out of those 16 lanes. I suspect that it's actually over-subscribed somewhat, but they may have allocated whatever they could allocate.
I glanced through that earlier and didn't see it. I wonder if they plan to rethink that in the future. B+H is extremely inexpensive on a lot of things, but they have a stricter return policy on a lot of items.
Do they actually have a price matching policy? I try to avoid those kinds of situations in general. You don't know what one retailer pays vs another for something, but in the case of B+H they're probably selling enormous volume on slim margins. I don't know if you've ever seen the place, but their store is enormous. I think they also have an additional warehouse.
 You shouldn't use color accurate as a buzzword term, because it's misleading. Your display does not converge to a point of spectral alignment with the initial capture information. Generally if a display oem is going to make claims about accuracy, it will be relative to specific targets and one or more of the known standards for describing deviation. They don't all agree, because reproduction on a hardware device isn't exactly based on set quantities of given wavelength...
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