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Many of those regulations would still apply, including ones that require things such as shareholder meetings. Anyway can you explain how Apple would be in a better situation if it was held by a group of equity firms and investors rather than publicly traded? That's how companies go private. They are bought out. As I pointed out already, Apple doesn't own a piece of itself, because they don't have that authority.
You aren't the first one to post that suggestion, but it shouldn't be difficult to figure out why it doesn't work this way. The stocks themselves aren't debt. If you understand that, you'll understand why they can't purchase their own sovereignty. They are effectively using money managed by the company itself on behalf of its owners (shareholders) to buy the stakes of other shareholders. At that point Apple doesn't own that piece of Apple. It's owned by the remaining...
Even if they bought back 80% of them, Apple would not own part of itself. Look at it this way. If they bought back 10 million shares using cash reserves, the remaining shareholders would each own a larger stake in Apple, but Apple would have a smaller remaining amount in cash. It offers liquidity options to some of those shareholders but it doesn't transfer ownership from shareholders to Apple itself.
 It's a little more complicated and less pleasant for expatriates than that due to some of the more recent policies on reporting. Any international firm will have accounting resources. Individuals have to track exchange things such as exchange rates on the days that funds were received, and the paperwork is more complicated than something like a 1040 and a few itemized schedules. People do sometimes renounce citizenship over tax matters. At the low end it could easily be...
Well at least "Villain" didn't get him. The  guy is comedy gold.
  Perhaps you guys should stop day-trading. Their stock has shown a high level of appreciation over the longer term.
What do you mean? The term creative director could indicate that the person deals with advertising and branding issues for the company. It's doesn't typically refer to a low to mid level position, but a company the size of Apple may have multiple individuals with this job title, presumably segmented by region. With a smaller company his role would be much more obvious.
 It was probably intended as a direct reference to Calvin and Hobbs, rather than this.
They make some exceptionally cool things. Apple was the main one to adopt it. That certainly didn't help.
It would be a dumb trick for a company of that size. Given that every one of their products seems to experience some level of scarcity at launch, I suspect they have other reasons not to build up an extreme surplus prior to launch date. It could be some combination of warehouse space, timing between product and other update launches, and ability to watch for things (hehe) that didn't show up during product testing.
New Posts  All Forums: