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I was curious about the article, and you cited an opinion piece for reference. // I the removed second part. I don't feel like acquiring an infraction.
Apple still reports sales to third party retailers as sales, just not shipments to their own stores. You'll have a very difficult time figuring out when each device is actually transferred to a customer. If they split it up between devices sold to customers and those sold to retailers, you could come up with a decent estimate.
 Rolex would not have the drift in perceived functionality, because it is marketed  as a piece of jewelry. A gold Apple watch might count as a piece of jewelry, but it's also a tech item. After it is no longer supported, who would be interested in it? The gold version would be aimed at buyers who are not price sensitive, and I would expect them to buy the newest model. Buyers who are more cost constrained are probably better served by a newer model in a steel finish rather...
I would like to know how they handle it. Mine seems to be okay other than the battery, but battery service costs too much. It also takes several days, which is ridiculous. Considering that they never solved the issue of battery swelling, they should have remained user serviceable. The old ones were $129 and could be popped out rather than $179-200 + several days of service time.
If it just expired you may want to take it in anyway. They might help you at an Apple Store. They're actually looking at mine right now, so I'm typing on an even older machine. The trackpad was sticking, so I thought it might be a swollen battery. We shall see. I really don't want to buy a new machine right now. Third party repair shops have less leverage in terms of what they can authorize.
It's my favorite out of all notebook displays. HP used their dreamcolor branding on a couple older notebook displays. Those are probably runner ups for me, even though the desktop dreamcolor displays had problems. Both were extremely expensive. Most of what I would consider the best displays I've seen were designed with professional use in mind by companies that sell full solutions aimed at maintaining consistent color, tracking drift, and correlating multiple displays of...
There may still be room for improvement in sharpness by way of increased density. The "retina" logic isn't really how your eye works. It's greatly simplified and only meant to predict at what point you would no longer be able to see individual pixels or aliasing. A difference in quality may still be possible, but you would just have to add so much to see any benefit. I think working on glare reduction with their screen coatings was a step in the right direction. You may...
The lowest rate that you typically see publicized is for a year-long subscription. It is billed monthly though.
Never send personal information. It's obviously a scam.
That may be an issue of firmware, but I was mainly pointing out that the problem was in how they're attached to the board. It may have nothing to do with AMD, but Tallest seems to believe that Apple never makes a mistake, even an unforeseeable one. They wouldn't be the first to have problems with lead free solder.I wouldn't apply thermal paste like that. He uses way too much and it isn't even.  That much thermal paste will cause it to run slightly hotter, which probably...
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