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You need 10.7 to access the app store. Without 10.7 Apple might have an alternative method of installation.
It reminded me of the television rumor, because both involved rumors on top of rumors including rumors of developmental details.
Those may be valid complaints. When I think of unity, I think of indie developers. That's probably what creates a positive association for me.
  Quote:They only make pricing updates when they refresh a line. The mini is in an odd place in that if they stick with matching macbook pro cpu packages as they have in the past, they would be once again using more expensive processors. I disagree with Marvin on the mid range being the sticking point there. As a percentage of retail price the biggest increase would be moving the low end to something comparable to what is used in the 13" rmbp.
That is a much better description than my own. I didn't think you would hate Unity. Why is that? I'll admit to having very little experience with it.
Actually Objective-C didn't originate with them. Next licensed it from the creators. Apple picked it up from Next and improved upon it. I'm not sure how you would use a C wrapper there. That seems really strange. On a side note, that will probably be me one day (especially the beard). I'm not sure about the language, but I like how the book assigns the value 42 to many of their example variables.
Just think of it as an overloaded language.  For whatever reason I find the concept hilarious. I am slightly skeptical, because I can recall some of Apple's other benchmarks. That doesn't mean it won't be fast. I also wonder what features will be available. You can use OpenGL for more than just games. 3.1 allows it to be used for general computation, which is great if you have any highly parallel tasks. I suspect this would include games when it comes to simulating things...
That is an excellent idea.
The artwork in these is absolutely beautiful.
The gpu issues affect the 15" only. The 13" doesn't have the 330m.  Marvin is correct regarding the kernel extensions. It would have to be a significant filesystem error to introduce that kind of problem. I guess it could happen. If that was the case I would still wonder about the origination of that error.  If you're trying to track down an error in the OS installation, a clean install would be ideal. I would then retrieve other file from backup.
New Posts  All Forums: