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OpenGL on OSX has also been outperformed by OpenGL on Windows in recent years. Their support for it over the past few years has been terrible, so it's not a very high bar. I kind of wonder if they borrowed from AMD and Mantle on this one. Interestingly Khronos still lists Apple as a working group participant for Vulkan (bottom of the page), which was announced under a different name just a bit before Metal, although they only started using the name Vulkan this year.
Ah damn somehow I didn't think of the word shuffle, even though you wrote it. The smallest idevice I used was a nano for jogging. A shuffle seems like a fairly high risk, considering it wouldn't sell for very much. If it could be smuggled out in someone's sock, bag searches won't prevent that.
  Quote: I want you to think about that statement. If the packaging is intact, it's fairly comparable in size, albeit not identical. If they're able to take it out of the packaging, they would be able to smuggle one without the use of a bag.
I doubt it. Whenever you see the last Apple notebooks transition to Skylake, start the clock. They often slide these things in quietly around certain events, but that may or may not happen. It seems like they always show up late, by which time you're hopeful to see the next generation sooner.
They just released Broadwell quad core chips. The next will be the dual skylake ones. Skylake-H won't be out this year. A few people are simply out of their minds. If Skylake-H was a couple months away, Intel would have scrapped those Broadwell units. It could happen early next year, but I don't expect Apple will ship anything new for the 15" before then. They just updated gpu and trackpad, which is atypical of them outside of cpu availability. Given their recent track...
It doesn't burn that many calories. It's a silly urban myth. Do it because it's fun.  I read through this post too quickly. It made it much funnier than intended.
Possibly the Airs. 15" macbook pros and possibly some imac configurations won't have available chips for a while longer.
We don't have both in place to compare, so anything is speculative.  If Vulkan actually materialized as something stable, it would probably be the popular option due to being cross-platform. You mean Khronos? Apple is actually part of that group. They're listed as one of the contributors, but I don't know whether that is just marketing of their affiliation with Khronos or they are actually on board with it. It may have been under development before this where the reaction...
I'm not entirely sure what they'll do this time. Apple doesn't typically update more than once every 6 months. This was a slightly more significant update than the typical .2 ghz spec bump. The discrete gpu model gained 5K support, and both obtained new trackpads. That makes me think they don't plan to make further updates until next year. It's odd though, because Broadwell quad cores were just  released. Intel would have shelved that release if they were almost ready to...
Why do you regard development using Swift as resource intensive? It had some compiler bugs in its initial release, but I don't understand your concerns. You could write for it on any Mac that supports the latest development tools. I assume "silver" means the older mac pro. I wouldn't purchase one of those for development, because it's not possible to know how long Apple will retain support. A PC is not a very good idea for Swift, because you will require development tools...
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