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That is just really great. What's interesting about it? I just thought it was extremely funny that someone used the Descartes portrait as a porn site avatar.
 If you guys wanted to use Descartes memes, you could have gone with "Give her the iPad."
These comments are silly, because they imply that nothing can be accomplished if it isn't directly in line with the primary goals of the company.
That makes sense. They're annoying to transport, and the cords are easily messed up. I have an old 9x12 intuos3 around with electrical tape wrapped around the usb cable at a couple stress points. It looks really ghetto, but I'll replace it at some point.
I do too. I had a few ideas of my own, but anything involving graphics is immensely time consuming. The frameworks are complex. I had some exposure to linear algebra in college, but I had to pick up a more advanced text recently to get to the level required. My course in it was a long time ago, and it glossed over things like mappings due to being only a sophomore level course. I'm still going through several books on color science, including some more abstract ones....
No intuos tablet?
 I think another part of the issue is the sheer amount of branching. Their applications run on an extremely wide range of hardware. Pixelmator doesn't have that level of redundancy, and they drop support for older OS revisions fairly quickly. It's also pretty much OS dependent, as they rely heavily on apis present in OSX for more than just the interface, where Adobe has to make for a fairly consistent experience between OSX and Windows. At least they don't use QT to build...
It seems you are correct according to the rumor sites. Intel rumors also turn out to be credible more often than those surrounding Apple. I'm shocked to read that though. How are they going to deal with that much heat transfer? I also can't see it being downstream power (powering a display from a notebook) because they won't come out with any charger that can supply that amount of power.
That would require significantly more power than they put out. Weren't they something like 5-10W output? Apple's chargers are typically 85W. I don't know if that is peak or extended throughput, but on some generations it still needs to be supplemented by the battery if cpu + gpu are under a considerable load.
I was referring to Apple and Adobe. I don't think they make a good match. It reminds me of when HP bought out Compaq. That's part of the problem with enormous code bases. A complete rewrite presents an enormous risk. I suppose rewriting application software  is less of a risk for Apple, given that they derive more of their profit from hardware sales. It was probably infeasible for Adobe with most of the Macromedia stuff. I was more pointing out that there has been a lot of...
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