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  It's not as great of an opportunity as you might think due to lack of growth. The price model left in place by Adobe and Apple also isn't that desirable when you figure the amount of work. First raw processors are ridiculously labor intensive. You need to deal with interpolation, rasterization, noise (and sometimes banding) reduction, sharpening algorithms, and a lot of other things. Each camera model supported requires a basic input profile that describes it relative to...
As shown they make a lot of basic updates. I wouldn't expect much in feature updates due to the staffing limitations imposed by their retail price targets. Overall I don't see the problem. You don't need overly complex tools to create most things, and if you do something generic and out of the box is often the wrong thing. Making a bunch of little tools is just sloppy. What they need is slightly more intuitive color handling, in which case you could implement things like...
Your tastes are closer to mine than I realized. I would probably use any of those with the exception of the ironman one. I like that Apple referenced Galaga in that commercial. It gives them nerd cred.
Why would you ever want to switch from a Bender decal? That one is just really great.
  I knew at least two of you would have a rather sharp reaction. I clicked through their sources, and I cannot find any claims that are as boldly stated as the headline would suggest. You guys may want to lighten up on the analyst here, unless someone can point out some corroboration. I have links back to earlier AI stories and pages that I ran through google translate.
The support link doesn't indicate unsupported status. It indicates that the driver is either included in the OS or unneeded, which is different.
I read that as impossible to patch the vulnerability, not the rewritten firmware.
I think the rmbp looks better in most ways, at least judging from the ones I have seen. I don't like the higher reflectivity so much, but overall it's a bit smoother in gradation, which is to be expected with an IPS display over the older TN. Resolution is a bit higher, although the 17" is still quite good in that regard. Prior to recent 4k options, 1920x1200 was the standard resolution for 24" displays. Having that at 17" makes for some very crisp text, albeit not with...
I actually liked the 17" and didn't mind carrying it. 15" is still the undisputed most popular size with every other brand, which is why I wasn't so sure Apple would hike their starting price there relative to the older one. Their sales may be more skewed toward the 13" models due to relative pricing. 17" models gained popularity due to a time when they were being purchased by people who might have otherwise used desktop crts of 17-19". 21" wasn't that common outside of...
 I don't have the exact figures, but I recall Beats being a reasonably profitable company, especially in terms of headphone sales. What gives the impression that they would not be able to pay up? As I said before, it seems like dealing with Apple's legal department would be a much bigger obstacle and possibly much more expensive.
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