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I don't know what you mean there. That one was around $2500 when it was a current model. The retailer is pricing it to minimize their loss. If they discount newer ones, it is due to a current promotion. They probably cannot afford to further discount that one. Problems with a specific model rarely ever affect retailer pricing of unused stock.
 Somewhere in their terms, I'm sure Apple has specific terms relating to the app store and competitors. They have highly specific terms on other things. For example some of their patent licensing terms for specific hardware are void if the licensing party initiates litigation against Apple on a related or unrelated matter. If this runs afoul of that kind of clause, then you would see Amazon apps disappear. Otherwise the two are unrelated, because no one runs a...
It's rare for an individual to have a controlling stake in any really large company due to dilution. You should really rethink your approach here. Disney acquired Pixar. Jobs took a certain number of shares in Disney. There is no way they would have issued a significant number of shares issued to Jobs to dilute everyone else's stakes to fewer than 50% of total outstanding shares. His stake was still massive.
They will boot without the battery, as long as the charger can deliver power. You can't reset the SMC if you can't turn it on, so you really didn't do anything. The other advice is clueless nonsense. Neither of those things will make a difference. You would hear the machine start up even without a powered display, and the battery makes no difference. If it was an issue with the connector, you wouldn't be able to recharge a good battery anyway.
 The code base for PS must be gargantuan after so many years. It's not something they could port quickly with a finite number of developers who really understand large portions of it. I also wouldn't expect to see it conform to app store pricing conventions. You will probably see an iPad version added to your creative cloud subscription at some point.
 Apple doesn't have anywhere near as many employees. They're also in much better financial shape. As the article mentions, about half of those employees are retail. Apple would have to lay off roughly two-thirds of their retail staff to the number of HP layoffs. The arstechnica chart is a little misleading. It mentions Apple retail for contextual reasons, yet it doesn't mention how many Samsung employees are tied to manufacturing facilities.
I have no idea why you would want to do this. I would personally just use an ssd with enough space to put all of that in one place with ~30% drive space remaining. It's still a bad idea to completely fill a drive, even an ssd.
I didn't think they had that many people, but it's still a high percentage for a mature company. My point was that if they planned well as they went along, they shouldn't have to lay off 10% of their staff. I'm not even sure why they have Whitman as ceo.
Laying off that many people suggests that they have done a terrible job of anticipating and dealing with market conditions. Fluctuations wouldn't be that large if they were well positioned.
It's not actually true. Subsidiaries can't actually pay off the debts of the parent company in that way. He is full of crap.
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