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I didn't think they had that many people, but it's still a high percentage for a mature company. My point was that if they planned well as they went along, they shouldn't have to lay off 10% of their staff. I'm not even sure why they have Whitman as ceo.
Laying off that many people suggests that they have done a terrible job of anticipating and dealing with market conditions. Fluctuations wouldn't be that large if they were well positioned.
It's not actually true. Subsidiaries can't actually pay off the debts of the parent company in that way. He is full of crap.
 I could actually see that due to the improved ability to write or mark things up. I have a large wacom intuos tablet that doesn't get as much use these days. It doesn't lag like the cintiqs, which is nice. What I notice between the two is that finger motions are more awkward if they're detailed. I can do certain motions with a finger, but for anything with curvature there's a tendency to rotate from the shoulder with the finger held steady. I can rotate from the wrist...
The original post is a bit dramatic, but if they are cancelling it, they'll announce that with the next event. They did that with the Xserve. Basically they aren't going to remove the ability to buy one without some amount of notice, although it could be a short notice. I disagree with Marvin on this one. Haswell EP showed some improvements, and it contains a full line. Haswell and Broadwell use the same chipset, so a switch from Haswell->Broadwell should require minimal...
 That is correct, but you need support from the display, gpu, and software. The number of people who actually use it on Windows may not be that high due to the number of requirements. Apple has a greater degree of control there due to a more limited array of hardware. They haven't shown any interest in supporting it.
  Quote:I was aware of the HTML5 output. I wasn't referring to the software package as much as the content people think of as flash, eg anything that still plays in a shockwave player. I did not know about those new features. They're quite interesting. I thought Adobe would just leave it in maintenance mode as part of CC.Firewire had faster and more uniform speeds, better stability, and it imposed a lower cpu overhead.
I just re-read that post, and I think that was his point. It's hype until someone can demonstrate a working implementation.
The color temperature issue is basically solved by moving to newer panel designs where it's less of a problem. Trying to use only a narrower voltage range to correct the offset from the backlight would really constrain your gamut. Some people assume they can create a device profile that maps it to something more like 6500K on an input of r = g = b. That always looks awful and even worse than it would look if applied at a hardware level. They usually just update it with a...
 The 13" made a switch from Haswell to Broadwell. That typically carries a longer refresh, but they have been more willing to do things like that with the 13" compared to the 15". The 15" got a new discrete gpu. That's very unusual for anything short term. I could see a form factor change on the next major refresh.
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