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Why is that? The very round bokeh is something you typically see from apertures with a greater number of blades, that are closer to being visually circular. Am I missing something?
Amusingly when I don't go into bootcamp for a while, I have a difficult time working with it. I have it installed on my notebook. The trackpad drivers aren't that great, and I'm always messing up keys, such as the command key bringing up the start menu.
IPS panels in the 21" size are pretty cheap at this point, and as I recall people noticed the switch to cheaper screens with the G5 era imacs. G4's used IPS displays. G5s went to TN at larger display sizes. I'm going to see what I can find on those cpus, as that it seems unlikely to me that they would use the same ones as the Air. With the old i3 models a few years ago, they used cpus that were a little over $100.
While it's different in many countries, that isn't assessed at the national level in the US. Sales tax can be assessed at the state and municipality levels. There is however a certain amount of redundancy. I'm not sure what to say here. There are liabilities that must be funded. The really unfortunate thing is the amount consumed by interest payments once a government finds itself in any kind of major debt. I'll add that as Marvin pointed out, a lot of it is invested...
It gets old doesn't it? Channeling deceased CEOs always seemed to be in bad taste, and it doesn't even matter, as it portrays a static vision of the individual. Jobs himself changed his mind on a number of things over the years, yet someone trying to second guess him today can only look at the subset of publicly known decisions made toward the last known points where he was still alive. I get really tired of it, because it's not accurate or a reasonable way to gauge anything.
There are some interesting things in that area. I've been trying to make compute shaders perform ICC v4 compliant profile conversions. Sadly it has not gone as well as I would have liked, but I want ICC v4 support in iOS. I looked at trying to build littleCMS for iOS before, but I don't know their code base well enough and it's quite large due to the desire to be portable. It's also mostly written in C (note that prior to a year ago I had barely touched anything outside of...
They don't necessarily care in the way you seem to be suggesting(?). As I mentioned there's a tax credit that ensures they don't pay anything over the tax rate of the US by allowing credits directly against what they would otherwise owe. I worded it that way to distinguish it from write offs such as operating expenses.
They can basically claim anything that they genuinely owed by foreign tax credit. If they didn't file a return in that country and thus "overpaid", that could be scrutinized, although I don't think it happens much in practice. As you point out it's also a credit rather than a general write-off in the sense of operating costs, so it is applied directly against their actual liability.
  Quote:I forgot to address this one. You might want to read a bit more on that. At the time these companies lobbied for the same things suggesting that it would free up funds for infrastructure investments. It's a matter of what they said they would do vs what actually happened. As for Congress, I do not believe their claims of ignorance on most things.
5% and 10% aren't actually the effective amounts. The big point there is that they do not account for foreign tax credits. The actual percentage itself is arbitrary anyway. It makes little sense to go by what sounds good. Anyway I hope they don't do this. It just takes attention away from the messed up tax laws for a few more years. If they're forced to address the inherent problems prior to any negotiation, something might actually be done. A couple of the links I like on...
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