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It's actually pretty typical of endorsement contracts. Apple has their own stipulations somewhere, which may or may not differ from these types of agreements.
That's a somewhat strong assumption. Your local market factors into that, unless you want to sell on ebay and eat the fees and hassle. Three years is also around the time where I've had chargers break and batteries begin to bulge in the past, so I would say you're looking at closer to $800 on the macbook pro as a reasonable estimate. Where I agree is that at the $1500 level, it's skewed strongly in favor of the macbook pro. In this revision they essentially squeezed out...
 The cpus that Apple uses in the 15" now cost a bit more. The 13" ones cost considerably more, to where I doubted they would stick with $600 on the entry model. They moved what was that one to $700, and then placed another configuration beneath it. As you can see the $700 mini uses internals similar to those in the current 13" macbook pro, just like the old one did at $600. Where they cheaped out was on the one above that. It could have held out at $900 with a quad...
Part of it is that they configured for a different price range. I'm not surprised by how it shook out. As I mentioned before on here, the price increase on cpus was the steepest at the low end with the $600 model. They actually implemented something similar to what was in the $600 model in the $700 model. By that I mean they followed the 13" macbook pro. The recommended customer price as per intel's listing increased around $130 there from one generation to the next, thus...
Anything specific reason?
I've heard their headphones, and what I liked most was the noise cancellation.That statement makes absolutely no sense. Apple sold Bose headphones as accessory items for Apple branded products. They were there to provide an additional sale for Apple retail. This really doesn't require much insight. Think for a second before you post. Apple doesn't make anything that would be a natural accessory to a Bose item, so retail space leased by Bose would not have any reason to...
Their sound isn't that great for what they cost. Most people that talk up Bose specifically refer to their noise cancelling headphones. That is by far their strongest feature. It's understandable that they would want to protect that, because it's their greatest differentiation from other brands. The thing about Sennheiser is that they typically offer a better value in terms of sound quality relative to pricing tier than many of the others.
If it's an opinion, state it as an opinion. Apple has sold software in the past that overlapped with their own offerings, so it may not be a foregone conclusion.
 That's not exactly how it works. Advertising costs a bunch of money. Magazines will often attempt to feature pieces from their advertisers within the editorial content. If Apple buys a lot of advertising, that can influence it. If they think it will sell issues, they would find some way to work it in anyway.
I sometimes have weird loading issues with emoticons. I don't recall seeing it yesterday. Anyway...    I meant that some people may also change their mind after the fact. As this stuff trickles down, it's accessed by a very wide range of people, not all of which put meticulous planning into their shots, even if they are shooting with dslrs that do have zoom functionality. There are also things such as stock footage where it may be cropped in final usage.
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