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I don't really fit either of those adjectives, but I think you greatly overestimate that one. As for Bush's press secretaries, the one I remember is Tony Snow (poor guy). His successor Dana Perino (just a wiki link) had a successful career after leaving the White House. I don't think anyone would be outraged if she was up for the job.
 I always interpreted that phrase as a generic pejorative. Apparently he did work for the White House prior to 2011 in a different role. I missed that, but it still doesn't support the outrage. Glancing through the thread, none of them even mentioned it.
He was actually hired at a point where the administration was already unpopular, so your statement is greatly exaggerated. Calling someone a whore is also meaningless. It's just strong language used in place of anything of substance. Carney was press secretary from some time in 2011 through April 2014. Would you have suggested this position remained unfilled so that no one would have to associate themselves with the current administration? After all anyone who took the...
No one sane cares that he was a press secretary, and you make too many blatantly idiotic assumptions. If you read through all of your own words, you might see the idiocy in some these notions (especially reading into his political opinions from a simple post like that, what is with the "us or them" mentality?). Nooo...... why do well reasoned people succumb to this? You can look up the guy's background. The majority of his career was spent reporting on politics rather than...
 I don't entirely understand the hatred of headers. If they are accompanied by strong documentation, you can browse through what you're importing rather quickly.There is no way to tell at this point.  Objective-C had a lot in common with Java aside from the lack of static binding. What makes that funny?
I guess so.That's basically it. The juxtaposition is so silly. I was unaware that it turned into a meme due to youtube prior to reading soli's link.
That is just really great. What's interesting about it? I just thought it was extremely funny that someone used the Descartes portrait as a porn site avatar.
 If you guys wanted to use Descartes memes, you could have gone with "Give her the iPad."
These comments are silly, because they imply that nothing can be accomplished if it isn't directly in line with the primary goals of the company.
That makes sense. They're annoying to transport, and the cords are easily messed up. I have an old 9x12 intuos3 around with electrical tape wrapped around the usb cable at a couple stress points. It looks really ghetto, but I'll replace it at some point.
New Posts  All Forums: