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In terms of cheap headphones that can be taken anywhere, I like PX 100s. You can sometimes find them on sale for $40 or so, and they don't break. The only annoying thing is that replacement earpads are costly relative to the headphones themselves.
Sometimes I don't finish my thoughts. I was going somewhere with it, but I don't recall why I typed that, which is unusual.
I don't care much for earbuds in general, as I always have trouble with them. The amazon reviews on the Urbeats SE model contain a lot of failure complaints. I haven't seen that in reviews or personal experience with Apple's earbuds. I just didn't care for the sound quality of the old ones, and they were really uncomfortable to use.
 It's amusing to me, because he could have just as easily been talking about his own brand of headphones. You can buy better headphones for far less money. The iPod was in my opinion the last thing Apple made that was really poorly made. I liked the selection methods and itunes. The battery failures and and cheap earbuds are the reason I classify them that way. Apple did however stock a range of headphones in their retail stores and online. I suspect this was more for the...
They probably retained many of the same writers.
You beat me to that comment by several days. I'm not going to bother checking whether it was global or merely a localized project that never took hold.
There is something significant here. as you point out it wouldn't be about the use of an ARM SoC if they went that route. It would be about enabling a design that wouldn't otherwise be possible. That would just be one part of it rather than a fad element. Going by i5 and i7 is a terrible way to disambiguate things. Blame intel for that. They don't guarantee anything, because what they indicate changes based on the class of the cpus in question. For example dual core i5s,...
In the US it starts $500 higher. You're unlikely to find a perfect comparison here. It has two gpus by default, but the base model gpu in 2010 only retailed for around $250 with Apple's 5770 upgrade kit (gpu and presumably anything needed for installation) which was fully supported on at least the 2009 model. It discards the optical bay, hard drive bays, and PCI slots, so some functionality may need to be remapped to something that can be attached to a thunderbolt port....
It uses a lot of memory under both OSX and Windows. At 4GB you will experience lower performance than you would at 8 unless perhaps your files are fairly small. Whether it's tolerable is something only you can decide. The ssd helps, but you will notice when you're low on memory with larger files.
I've looked a few youtube videos of people using it, as I was curious about it. I have no intention of switching. Anyway it seems fine for a basic paint program, but then again so is Gimp.  I like LittleCMS, but I'm skeptical on the idea that Pixelmator would incorporate the open source pet project of a developer with a day job. It's not necessarily possible to know how whether it will always have stable support. I don't see why they couldn't support cmyk though. It...
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