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You are welcome to disagree with me on this, but I would suggest that money is better spent attracting the best talent than on furnishings. I would rather see it invested in people rather than luxuries, and for what it's worth, I am fairly thrifty with my own spending by any standard. They have inspected each of those companies. You just weren't aware of it. In some cases it is ongoing. The articles go back several years, but not all of them appeared on AI.
Even Applecare has some exclusions, such as limitations on batteries. Chargers are probably not among them. If you're out of warranty on anything serious that Applecare would have covered, depot repair is typically an option.
 That has to be one of the worst ideas anyone has ever posted. As mentioned it would run afoul of antitrust laws if they tried to shut out windows. The other problem is that this isn't much of a growth market. It's just consolidating competition. The same goes for Quickbooks. It wouldn't be allowed, and even if it was, it's still a bad idea.
  Quote: You guys do understand this plant is located in Austin, right? It may not represent your cliched views of the overall state.
 Do you have that quote? I remember it being a matter of locating enough engineers, although I'm sure costs factored in. The line that is assembled in the US has the lowest volume and highest price. It's not exactly the same scale as something like the iphone, although many of the idevice SoCs are produced in the US. In any case there's more than one factor when determining where to produce something, and beyond that I encourage everyone not to take executive speech at...
 In this case I doubt it. Even if you calculate out the GST portion, markups on electronics are extremely high in Australia. They're probably doing well there no matter what. If it moved way out of alignment, I would see it as more likely to influence the number of Apple-branded retail stores that are opened there. I don't live there, but I have spent a lot of time there. I can also tell you some of their bigger cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne) are extremely...
You need 10.7 to access the app store. Without 10.7 Apple might have an alternative method of installation.
It reminded me of the television rumor, because both involved rumors on top of rumors including rumors of developmental details.
Those may be valid complaints. When I think of unity, I think of indie developers. That's probably what creates a positive association for me.
  Quote:They only make pricing updates when they refresh a line. The mini is in an odd place in that if they stick with matching macbook pro cpu packages as they have in the past, they would be once again using more expensive processors. I disagree with Marvin on the mid range being the sticking point there. As a percentage of retail price the biggest increase would be moving the low end to something comparable to what is used in the 13" rmbp.
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