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I read what you responded to there, and I don't see how it matters. A significant portion of school funding comes from state and local sources. I also kind of disagree with Dick on the apartment thing, as renters do facilitate the payment of property tax. In some municipalities (LA is one of them) landlords are allowed to include certain surcharges to reclaim various per unit fees. The downside to areas with a high concentration of apartments is that you typically have a...
I got that, but some days my responses are just grumpy. Quite often I don't notice it unless I return to the thread. It was half-serious in that I don't know how this forum acquired a political sub-forum. I've seen a couple others instate one for that reason.  I was surprised by how long it took that detail to surface. Note that most similar events don't blow up to this degree. Underlying tension and that his body was left untouched for several hours probably drove up...
I don't think you understand its purpose. It keeps most of the politically charged noise out of other areas of the forum.
I can tell sarcasm, and it made me laugh. I was referring to regulations on brick and mortar shops. They aren't required to do extensive searching, but they are required to hold the item for however many days in case a police report is filed during that time.  I will do that if I ever buy one off Craigslist. It's an excellent precaution.
 I'm genuinely surprised he didn't know that.  That would only be true if they pay out in advance. At least in California they would be legally required to hold the item for something like 14 days in case it's reported stolen. Shops do that with used goods all the time. Where you should be concerned is if you intend to buy a used one off craigslist. If it's stolen, the owner may brick the device.
They aren't THAT sensationalist.
On which matter? They received their bond back, and nothing in that document suggests that she disagrees with you on that point. I really think you guys accept AI articles and rush to comment too often. Look at the articles on any case involving Apple, and people on here will claim that every one of those judges has a gavel to grind with Apple.
 I think you're better than to feed the legal trolling of others. Some of the troll comments mention the 2.6 million dollar bond, when that is technically being returned to Apple. I guess they're also illiterate. Click on it if you don't believe me. As for the second, I have no idea. Perhaps she thought it would otherwise be appealed, but it's important to note that the attorney fees here relate solely to the hours billed to trade dress portions of the case. Scroll to page...
 They still wouldn't be able to assert it against something seen in public prior to their filing. Beyond that how do you know Tripplite didn't file one? They have been making various electronic stuff for a very long time. I think I have a couple of their power strips.
  The problem this year was that the chips used in the rmbp were not suitable in price for the mini. Typically the mini tracks those used in the 13" and 15". The base 13" chip is way more expensive than the one previously used in the $600 mini. This isn't one of those cases where it's a debate of whether they could absorb it. It's a very big price increase, which I think made them hesitate on refreshing that line. Intel's schedule and Apple's tendency to refresh the minis...
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