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Most municipalities tend to lease the rights for a given number of years in return for private companies taking on the cost of developing specific infrastructure. I don't know how well it actually works out from place to place, because these companies do at times under-deliver relative to what is promised, often citing unforeseen costs.
 Spotify is great, but there are many things beyond the quality of the service that may have made one more or less desirable. It could be related to their content licensing terms, financial solvency, how well they would integrate (not talking about just 2 people), or many other things. I like their streaming service, but I don't know how it would have looked as a possible acquisition based solely on the quality of their streaming client. I think he has fun with the rants....
Oh I thought it might have been bumped by something now deleted. Now I'm curious what has happened with that case.
The HD 800s are much higher end models. I don't know of anything by Beats that goes into the $1000+ range. The person I responded to mentioned that they wouldn't take an extremely expensive pair with them. I pointed to something that costs very little yet still does a decent job, especially if you want to go jogging or something. I think I've had the same set since 2008, and they haven't broken. The foam earpads get ugly and need to be replaced. Other than that they're...
I'm not sure whether a spambot initially bumped the thread, but it seems a little odd that you responded with this a year later. I clicked thinking there was some new development that had yet to make it into an article. Their case didn't seem to pivot on whether it added competition. It did involve whether Apple's policies enabled collusion between competitors. I am more skeptical over how it was handled than whether Apple ran afoul of antitrust laws here.
In terms of cheap headphones that can be taken anywhere, I like PX 100s. You can sometimes find them on sale for $40 or so, and they don't break. The only annoying thing is that replacement earpads are costly relative to the headphones themselves.
Sometimes I don't finish my thoughts. I was going somewhere with it, but I don't recall why I typed that, which is unusual.
I don't care much for earbuds in general, as I always have trouble with them. The amazon reviews on the Urbeats SE model contain a lot of failure complaints. I haven't seen that in reviews or personal experience with Apple's earbuds. I just didn't care for the sound quality of the old ones, and they were really uncomfortable to use.
 It's amusing to me, because he could have just as easily been talking about his own brand of headphones. You can buy better headphones for far less money. The iPod was in my opinion the last thing Apple made that was really poorly made. I liked the selection methods and itunes. The battery failures and and cheap earbuds are the reason I classify them that way. Apple did however stock a range of headphones in their retail stores and online. I suspect this was more for the...
They probably retained many of the same writers.
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