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Usually these things are related to hardware or drivers. If you changed anything recently before this started happening, it would be the first thing to examine. For example if you recently upgraded ram, I would suggest testing it. It certainly didn't ship with 8GB at that time, and I don't know whether that was a very recent change. The logs you pasted there aren't helpful. I would follow Marvin's suggestion. They may provide some clue.
I didn't realize I never submitted this. Khronos still lists Apple as a contributor for Vulkan, which started a long time before it took on the name Vulkan, and before Metal was announced. Looking at the history there, it seems like they couldn't reach a consensus last time they tried to banish all legacy code. In this case it seems like AMD contributed a large amount of their work from Mantle. If that works out and OSX support materializes, it should draw some amount of...
If they migrate to USB-C with the other machines, why wouldn't they simply add those to the mac pro as well? Dongles are generally there to support legacy. On notebooks they're also tolerated as a "docking" mechanism. Your scenario is just an awkward. Oh wait, thunderbolt 3 took on the usb-c connector didn't it?
 Right now the only macbook pro that can hook to a 5K display is the 15" model with discrete graphics. The rest lack driver and possibly hardware support.
 If the compiler has some weird bugs, a mac pro will not fix that. Nothing will fix it apart from working around them. The most stable development machine would be a mac, basically any mac.
January 2016 is less than 9 months. Anyway cpus appropriate for the 15" model are likely to come out last, and the mini will probably come out after that. You could see a Broadwell mini instead, in which case it would be longer. The 13" uses Broadwell at this point. It would still be staggered a bit though.
OpenGL on OSX has also been outperformed by OpenGL on Windows in recent years. Their support for it over the past few years has been terrible, so it's not a very high bar. I kind of wonder if they borrowed from AMD and Mantle on this one. Interestingly Khronos still lists Apple as a working group participant for Vulkan (bottom of the page), which was announced under a different name just a bit before Metal, although they only started using the name Vulkan this year.
Ah damn somehow I didn't think of the word shuffle, even though you wrote it. The smallest idevice I used was a nano for jogging. A shuffle seems like a fairly high risk, considering it wouldn't sell for very much. If it could be smuggled out in someone's sock, bag searches won't prevent that.
  Quote: I want you to think about that statement. If the packaging is intact, it's fairly comparable in size, albeit not identical. If they're able to take it out of the packaging, they would be able to smuggle one without the use of a bag.
I doubt it. Whenever you see the last Apple notebooks transition to Skylake, start the clock. They often slide these things in quietly around certain events, but that may or may not happen. It seems like they always show up late, by which time you're hopeful to see the next generation sooner.
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