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What do you think ties the court systems up? I don't think it's an issue of multitudes of empty courtrooms and judges with downtime. That surprises me. I would have at least expected their lawyers to catch it prior to filing.
  You must be unaware of foreign tax credit. There are some complexities to it. You don't mention anywhere what Samsung pays or why it matters for a company that isn't short on funds to reinvest.
I'm genuinely unsure if you're aware of this, but foreign tax credits means it is not 35% + what they paid in whatever foreign country. It's not always clear what is non-US income anyway. Here's a link on Starbucks. I'm not implying Apple does this. The article covers practices of earnings stripping (loaning themselves money at exorbitant interest rates) and transfer pricing of coffee beans that was relatively decoupled from fair market value. It also mentions royalty...
What makes it that way? I ask due to the number of smaller inventors who as you mention cannot afford to defend their work against the larger companies, thus feeding the need for NPEs.
You're parroting the same thing, yet you ignore the fact that these companies depend on the court system, banking system, military, and diplomatic work. Perhaps you should consider some of this before mindlessly jumping to extremes.
I know Austin has some tech company facilities. Apple was building a campus there.
Apple has used holding companies, so I don't think they would criticize that specific point without acknowledging their current function.   I've always wondered why those things weren't handled by arbitration.
  The US has no national sales tax. If amazon has offices or any physical presence in a given state, they have to register to collect sales tax within that state. There's an important distinction there. In other states you often still owe it, but a company cannot collect sales tax from residents of a particular state unless they're registered to collect in that state. If you purchase something that is shipped from another state, you are supposed to file the sales tax...
  Probably nothing. Most companies send representatives other than their CEOs.   Just because you aren't aware of something, don't assume it never happened. Commenting that the tax code is long or these are all loopholes really doesn't say much. It does annoy me when people start to assume Apple is the only company to be targeted on such matters just because of the events of a given day.     http://money.cnn.com/2012/09/20/technology/offshore-tax-havens/index.html
You can do that on anything down to a phone. If that was the only market, computing would have far less stratification.
New Posts  All Forums: