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Thanks King.   It's odd - I've asked two friends who have PC's - but now they just use iPads!  Its the first time I've properly realised the significance of being "post PC".   No doubt I'll find someone soon enough.
PS:  I don't have access to a computer running itunes - I only have my trusty linux box and Apple never released iTunes for linux.
Hi everyone, there was an ipad OS update this evening which seemed to download and install happily. The thing is that the ipad rebooted as intended and then displayed a screen with a picture of a docking cable leading up to the word "iTunes". I let it sit there for 30 minutes but nothing appeared to be happening so I rebooted it and upon restart the same cable/itunes image displays.   What should I do?
Exactly. Its astounding how this obvious explanation appears to be ignored by the non-apple pundits.
How pathetic, you're happy to create a commercial monopolist because it makes life easier for you today, don't worry about tomorrow.
The fact that the H.264 consortium won't offer an unrestricted royalty free license for encoding and decoding proves that their only interest is in getting their product wedged in as key infrastructure and then use their monopoly position to bleed users. If the H.264 shareholders (they are just speculators, they don't actually contribute any intellectual and technical capital to H.264) want their codec to be an internet standard, then they need do only one thing: ...
He's entirely wrong regarding H.264. The history of the internet is replete with examples of businesses trying to lever their proprietary products into key infrastructure roles. Each time open source advocates have taken the long view and the internet is free today because of those decisions. I say thank you open source advocates for being willing to take the long view over short term expediency.
Answering myself: I suppose it might be because MS want their tablets to have a large portfolio of software available at launch, and that means the only OS choice for them is Windows. If that's right then we can expect WP7 tablets once WP7 apps are developed.
I'm puzzled why MS don't put WP7 on their tablets - surely its smarter than trying to bolt on Windows?
In terms of the iMacs, does 'discrete' instead of 'integrated' imply a swappable card?
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