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The First Amendment was written to protect against attitudes like yours. ::goes to renew ACLU membership::   Oh yeah, this is an Apple blog: Glad it wasn't Apple. Boo, Comixology.
English is not your enemy. It can be a very precise language. Try again.
It's really weird that there are censorship fans.
Actually, the current incarnation of THX might have been founded in 2002, after spinning off from Lucasfilm. If it still belonged to Lucas, there likely would be no suit, thanks to the Apple/Disney connection.
I have to wonder if it blocks the fan vents enough to cause a problem. I can only hope they've tested it to ensure the answer is no.
I was able to get the 2GB VRAM high-end model from a store a couple of weeks ago. One store in the area (Portland, OR) was consistently out of stock, but they called around and sent me to a relatively nearby store that had enough. Online RAM's cheaper anyway, so I went that route. HDD configs are still custom, but you should try the stores in person if you can.   For the record, the screen is gorgeous. That hype about 60% less glare is true. I'm tempted to add a...
At this point Apple could sell an iPhone to every last Chinese citizen, and analysts would still shrug. Idiots.
Dude thinks he himself runs Apple. He and his ilk are what's ailing my Apple stock.
"It makes me worry that Apple is unsophisticated enough to chase the myths of green energy. All such concepts produce at least ten times the release of heat into the environment as that of simply burning fuel at the wheels. Please check where the wall plugs are in these magical schemes." Releasing heat into the environment isn't the problem, it's the release of greenhouse gases. Also, cleantech comes from renewable energy sources rather than finite, and lessens US...
No. No, it's not.
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