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Actually, the companies would probably locate data centers here in OR even without the incentives, because cheap hydro means their power costs are lower than they would be elsewhere.   We have so much renewable-sourced power in particular that we're trying to get CA to buy it from us. Current CA law restricts purchase of renewables to CA-based companies, even though it would cost more for them to generate it than it would for OR-based firms.
Thank God. I used Google Maps daily, because it integrated search and public transit directions seamlessly. The current arrangement makes me search in Maps, then use a third-party app for public transit directions. It sucks. 
Do not buy from unauthorized sellers. Craigslist and eBay is about to have a lot of new iPad Minis for sale. If you buy one of these--even if you're unaware it was stolen--you're part of the problem.
1) There is indeed plenty of money to be made in enterprise software, and in productivity software in particular. 2) The problem with iWork, OpenOffice, and even older version of Office for Mac, is that business users need bulletproof compatibility. I have to have the latest version of Office for Mac, because if formatting is off, I look like an idiot. So M$ gets $75 or so from me every couple of years. I don't like it, but Office remains the de facto standard.
The last person to pitch a fit over this issue was Dick Cheney. The Daily Show had a field day with it.   So Chuck Schumer is on the same page as Cheney? Does not compute.
Exactly.    One word: Zune.
I'll take it if she doesn't want it. That's still a nice machine.
In case people were wondering, that was their chance to buy Apple during a price dip. That chance is gone.
If dude wants to give me his stock, I'll be glad to take it. AAPL hasn't even begun to rock China. As for carriers refusing to play ball on subsidies, that is years away at the soonest. As long as the iPhone is a must-have, customers will want it, and carriers will have to provide it at a discount in the US, 'cause that's how this market works. If the carriers take a united stand, they'll be liable for a collusion lawsuit that would end with AAPL owning them.
I use Siri. I am not not only a fabulously rich and well-laid rock star, but I have reconstituted NASA in my backyard and will found a Mars colony later this month. Thanks, Siri!
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