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My comment had more to do with the response to criticism than the initial design.
Steve would have made them try a software fix or materials change or something. If they're not sourcing and experimenting with solutions now, it's not the same company it was. This includes antennagate, which resulted in a design change after the initial denials.
I've been covering Apple since 1996. The Onion is more accurate than Digitimes.
Or because 3G reception in NYC is godawful.
Pretty much. Did you see what they were requesting? They need to RTFM. They may have legitimate questions, but this is one ham-fisted way to go about it.
First, regarding all the back-and-forth on this thread: http://xkcd.com/386/ Second, does anyone know of a way to profit from Apple not announcing a dividend on this next earnings call? I already own AAPL. Besides shorting the stock, which I think is a dick move, is there a legitimate way of specifically betting against people who say Apple will offer a dividend?
Your cynical worldview doesn't allow for corporations to do the right thing out of anything other than self-interest, so I'll try it this way: Just as McDonald's saw that biodegradable packaging was in its best interest, so too does Apple see that it needs to be a responsible corporate citizen to maintain its brand image and equity. Now, go back and read (I swear, it won't hurt), and you'll see that *today's* news is about *Apple's* request for independent evaluation of...
Your interest will be sated if you read the article. It ain't hard, son.
As an Apple fan and stockholder, I'm very happy to hear this news.
Count me in too.
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