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Bit extreme, no?
Indeed lol... It's actually quite a nice design and while I don't prefer the OS myself, there is nothing wrong with it.
What about the OS is "garbage"? What exactly makes Nokia phone "garbage"?
What makes it a piece of crap? Have you tried it?   What features of the phone did you find it lacking?
Why would I as I like Apple products and this is an Apple forum correct? I just don't agree with so many of the blind fanboys that talk utter nonsense.   Happy to know I'm "torture" to Muppet though :) lol
It's actually quite sad that someone would be "loyal" to a company unless you work there of course. I'm loyal to my friends and family but not to any companies I buy products from...   I own many Apple products but only bought them because they suit my needs the best and I will continue until they dont, nothing to do with "loyalty".
Care to twist words anymore? If he was affected or not is his issue to deal and quite sad to have such an emotional response to a product/company.   Not sure what part of that you cannot seem to understand...   Had enough of you now champ so off to the block list you go! bye bye :)
I dont think you should be sued but I do think you might want to get some help for your anger management issues if this is all it takes to set you off. Much more important things in life...
That's his problem and his choice to use Windows or not.   Thanks for the spelling lesson too.
So Apple didn't invent it or use it in any of their products first but they did make it better so they should get a patent for it? Please tell me you aren't really saying this.
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