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Funny because they are usually the ones invading it :)
As a US citizen living overseas they have a hope in hell of getting a cent out of me! Mind you I don't plan on living in the US again so it doesn't really matter anyway.
Great post but I now wait for you to get flamed and called a Apple hater. Also don't forget, in here the iPhone 4 antenna issue "never happened"...
Quite a few places have this in Australia now but I can't say that I like it much. Under a certain amount you simply put your card next to the reader and it takes the money, no pin or anything.
Are you one the same people saying you should expect bugs in new versions of products i.e. rMBP?
What's your point? Apple still tried to stop Woolworths using that logo.
Truthfully I'm starting to wonder about that, this year Sydney had one of the coldest summers since 1953 and even the one before that wasn't that warm.
Might be better off considering the US economy is in the toilet...
It's every bit as good as the iPhone too but of course that's just my opinion.
Ahh yes I forgot about that! That Woolworths logo looks nothing like Apple's logo.
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