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No it's not ridiculous and this is a European directive, not just Italy. Not sure how anyone can defend this lol.
I think the Italian consumers would be best served if Apple followed the law in that country and provided the required 2 year warranty...
Interesting when you wrote " I have never tried an Android or Windows phone and I have no real desire to." It's not about proving people wrong, it's about getting them to backup their claims.   So which one of your statements is actually true, "Oh, I have tried plenty. And I still do." or " I have never tried an Android or Windows phone and I have no real desire to."?
Toolbars I would believe but not a whole browser considering the steps you have to go through.
Of course it is, it looks like a iPad but came out before the iPad, period.
Rubbish, that's just your opinion, not common knowledge or facts of any kind. Some may agree with you and some may not but don't pass this on as the truth.   Sounds like a bunch of marketing crap really, how to use a lot of words without any meaning.
I agree if you have to get something repaired but when it's just a replacement I'd rather just walk in off the street like any other shop.
That's happened to me exactly zero times in my history of using computers. Are you seriously saying users are installing Chrome without their knowledge?
Only post it when its relevant and in many cases it is.
Ask him for a car analogy, he likes those :)
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