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What about when Apple bought Siri then decided you couldn't have it on the iPhone 4 afterwards? It could clearly run on the iPhone 4 as it was an app in the app store before Apple bought.   What about Apple only allowing the iPad 3 run as a hotspot when the iPad 1/2 could also be used as a hotspot but Apple wont allow it? The iPad 2 should have had the hotspot at a minimum.
lololol yeah right...ok. Jragosta regularly talks nonsense....   My reply was exactly what I wanted to say in the manner I wanted it to appear.
I'm being called tekstud in another thread so wondering how many are in here!
lol had him blocked so missed his post but can see he is still going on about me being tekstud even though a mod has told him otherwise.
Yes this is true but Hill60 still doesn't know if they actually accessed that particular router or not. Either way wasn't Google actually cleared of any wrong doing?
Ahh so you know for a certainty that Google was trying to get access to your personal wireless network when the picture of your house was taken?
Why would you be "proud" of owning stock in a company? Seems like an odd thing to be proud of.
More like IF they came snooping as you have no idea if they did or not. Dislike all you want but using the word hate against something a company just makes people look juvenile. 
Exactly but I'm sure he will come back with some more illogical arguments...
Good point, now show me where Google is a Warlord, Racist or a Child abuser.
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