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Get a different job then if using Windows effects your well being so much. 
Yes but it didn't happen to me...just like I'm sure it didn't happen to Hill60.
See that would effect me directly and if I caught you then I would obviously take action.   You and Hill60 really have nothing which is hardly a surprise....
lol bit over the top much? 
You were forced against your will to use any of these items? 
It's not reason at all, how did that personally effect you directly?
Wow you are very passionate with something that doesn't really effect you directly. I imagine you have a long list of other things you hate too.
Why would you "hate" a company? What has Google done to you personally that you would use such strong language?
Maybe there is something in this trend?
Well that sums it up for me! Pretty much what I thought you would say..
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