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I would love to use Outlook as my work has Lotus Notes, which is a terrible experience.
Are you saying that the product is good in functionality but their policies make them inherently bad?
What's wrong with translate, drive and calendar? I use them all the time and find them quite good.
Very few posters in this forum understand that....
I guess that makes you his alter ego since you only seem to bad mouth Google for some reason.
Google Chrome, Mail, Docs and Sites are crap?
Why? I use Sparrow with my Google Apps account so I imagine it's only going to get better now!
Every country has some sort of embarrassment, just look at George W Bush and he was in for two terms!!!I'd rather have this judge....
The Samsung LS27A850DS - PLS panel is a better option IMO. I am using one at work and its great. Thinking of getting one to attach to my 27" iMac.
Only problem is that you still see the blocked user when someone replies to them i.e. I have Eric blocked but I can see the post since you replied.
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