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Yeah, yeah we both know the truth...
Nah it's too fun to humiliate you as you make it soooo easy
You seem to think your opinion matters to me lol.   Hill60 has proven many times to be ignorant of the basic facts regarding consumer law in Australia yet wants to push his opinion about sales of something in this country. Basically Hill60 has no credibility in this area.   I'm done with you now so off to the block list you go buddy! :)
Let me guess...Dick Smith or JBHIFI? It's not possible that you are in any kind of management level since you know zero about Australian consumer law so I put you as a young naive sales droid on the floor of a standard retailer.
Please....some retail sales droid saying he hasn't sold any means nothing.
lol keep making my point for me champ!
You know the sales figures for Australia or are you just making up things as usual?
What exactly have you added of any value at all?
Oh no, some internet tough guy has hurt my feelings. Didn't think you had anything of any real value to add.
I could say the same to you... It's common knowledge that there were tablets before Apple came out with the iPad. Its this fact that seems to escape many in here.
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