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Where did I say "Apple copied them lock stock and barrel."? I simply said there were tablets before Apple came out with the iPad.    I do agree that the iPad is the better than anything before it, in fact I own a iPad 3, but to say they invented the tablet is simply not true. You should take the emotion out of your post and just look at the facts.
Look at what I was replying to...why bother?
Why because you can't argue with facts?
Yet I'm sure he is much more respected that some keyboard warrior on a internet forum such as yourself. What have you accomplished in your life?
There were tablets way before Apple released the iPad though. It's not like their design is particularly unique.
Well the judge didn't....
True but many of their patents are nonsense and vague.
Maybe they should have had a quote from a brilliant thinker like George W Bush lololol
That's why you aren't in charge of any company and make posts like that on the internet...
It was reversed in Australia.....
New Posts  All Forums: