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Yes but they also had similar designs in their products before the iPad was released. Apple patent for design was nonsense to begin with.
Me too, I almost dropped my coffee when I read it. This is going to be fun!
Spoken like a true ignorant Yank...you have done your country proud.
I think it's just the CPU as Handbrake always uses 100% of each core and the rMBP is showing 8 cores, although it is actually only a quad core.I put in a ssd in my iMac too so nothing to do with disk speed.
Troll much?
I agree, obviously some of them just come in here just to troll.
Would you also apply this to the posts such as "All Android phones are garbage" etc? Fanboism either way is just an pathetic.
Exactly, it's used by countless Doctor's around the world for dictation.
I got the base model a couple weeks ago and I was quite shocked how much faster it is than my 3.06Ghz C2D iMac. Converting a video in handbrake takes around 14 mins on the rMBP vs 45 mins on the iMac.
Ahh yes but Americans will tell you "it was needed"...
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