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lol yes, I'm sure she is going to grow as a normal non-materialistic girl.
Don't worry, he thinks everyone that doesn't agree with him is a Apple hater and doesn't realise there is actually a world outside of his Appledome. It's even scarier to note that some people can like Apple while also liking other brands at the same time!
Indeed, I didn't realise Apple were the courts and the enforcement now too!
I wonder if its just arrogance? Considering their issues with 4G and warranty in other countries its sure making them look arrogant.
lol the only thing that is mediocre is your attempt at trolling. At least come up with something better than that.
ROTLMAO. Just like you will defend Apple in any scenario no matter how obvious they are wrong i.e. Australian 4G
Thats assuming that poster had any to begin with...
Yes it is quite scary and bordering on psychotic. There are some quite decent posters and only a few nutjobs though.   They haven't quite realised that its ok to like Apple and other brands at the same time.
Yes its a great design although I prefer the N9 because of Meego over Windows but its dead in the water. Real shame as Nokia might have had something there.
You expected anything else from that poster? 
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