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No, he will come up with some witty car analogy that will explain everything perfectly to you :)
800 but you already knew that didn't you... The 900 is the same basic design but bigger.
Never tried a SIII so can't comment but from what I have seen of Touchwiz I can say it doesn't appeal to me much.
It's a shame Meego is basically dead too as it's quite nice to use.
I have a N9 (same design as the Lumia) and in my opinion it doesn't feel cheap at all. It's feel quite solid in the hand and it's a great simple design.
I haven't noticed any lag on my One X and I also have a 4S to compare it against.
Wow since only your opinion seems to matter everyone should only buy a iPhone.
Oh didnt see that post since anonymouse is on my block list, no idea why it thinks I'm tekstud or someone else.
Maybe he needs one of your car analogies to understand you better.
Don't worry, GTR hates everyone so just put him on the block list like others have.
New Posts  All Forums: