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It's not really comparable. It is expensive only for travelers. Southern California is a lot more expensive to live in than Copenhagen. When I worked in Copenhagen I made 45% more than I do now (before tax and I got 33% income tax in Denmark compared to 28% here), yet the rent is the same price. jeg boede i københavn fra februar 2009 til 2011. jeg også arbejdede på KU. Though it was quite a shock going to Halifax and paying 330 dkk for two burgers and two beers.and by the...
The one in Ginza March 2008...the Apple logo on top actually rotates
So you're saying people who don't have the same musical taste as you are not "true music lovers"? that's quite arrogant. (I know I made a comment about most people being poseurs as the reason for their RECENT purchases of Beatles music even though it has been available in multiple physical formats for nearly 50 years, but that is pretty true.) If you find a particular type of music good, it shouldn't matter when it came out. The particular style I like (ska/skacore) was...
Yeah because the world is full of poseurs who like what they are told to like and what they think will make them cool if they say they like.
Dude, this technology has been used in the US for at least the past five years. Have you heard of pay pass from mastercard?http://www.paypass.com/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PayPass#PayPass Not to mention how long it has been in use in Japan. It's amazing how afraid some Americans are of these types of technology (I was until I moved to Europe). I guess the difference is that here in Denmark (the only place in Europe where I know this is a fact), the banks actually...
Will it include the implementation of longer song samples? http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...0_seconds.html or http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...0_seconds.html I realize the second link says US, but why can't Apple just piss off the global record industry instead of just the US branch?
I'm so glad I installed ClicktoFlash. I've only had it for like a week, but my Macbook Pro doesn't even get warm any more while browsing.
Doesn't OSX save state when the battery gets to <= 1% and hibernate? I've never had any problem with that...just plug it in, hit the power button and you're back where you left off.
To me, this lawsuit has more to do with people's shift towards impatience and unwillingness to relent on instant gratification. The 3G (which I also own) is by no means unusable. Sure, it is not "snappy", but for every task it can control (which is everything other than data transfer over a 3G network), it works very well. Hardware changes immensely over a two year period and people have to realize that. Newer technology will always run software faster than older...
It happened to me also..but all you have to do is delete your alarm setting and re-enter it (just as the one reader said). But how could a bug like this be entered? (in perl hehe) $alarm_time = ; # mine is 0830 if ($continent ne 'North America' && $daylight_savings == 1) { $alarm_time += 100; } It doesn't seem like the alarm app and clock app are in sync concerning how they evaluate time.
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