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Page not found. My concern is whether it'll be 1 or 2.1 amps. I'm done with 1 amp charging lol. Updated: page works again, also says it's just 1 amp charging. For $40, that's ridiculous. You can find $15/20 ones at Walmart that have a bigger battery.
That's dumb. Why make a "mid" without a "late"? That's not like Apple.
Thank goodness. But I'll echo what many have already said in that the Omega brand would have made perfect sense.
They lost me at "100,000" workers. These rumors aren't even fun to read anymore, now they're just silly.
Uh, you realize that he was the one who led his company into the situation in the first place. He's only been gone since Feb, I'm sure this was planned in the transition way before it was announced.
Lay-offs, the laziest business strategy. This just proves Ballmer's incompetency even further.
I totally agree, and while that's always a possibility the part that confirmed it to me was how it was implemented which was to the T of my recommendation. Don't take this from me bro lol.As far as ur idea goes, that's pretty good how they got back to you at the very least. I never got any type of response. So I'm playing with Schrödinger's cat here, being on the optimistic side.
Understandable. I wouldn't ask for any kind of credit, I was just happy that they did it. My life has improved since as it makes it easier to learn new, big words.
U know how u can look up a word's definition on an iphone/ipad by selecting it and having "define" as an option? All me, baby. No lie.
NPV= a lot more than 23%. I would give you the benefit of the doubt since it was only 16% last year which only further proves the point. Sure it's a minority now, China did it right and has us under their their thumb pretty shortly.
New Posts  All Forums: