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I take my Apple Watch Sport swimming all the time; deepest is 9' at my neighborhood pool. Never any issues. I have ideas as to why Apple hasnt touted the waterproofing but still can't firmly think of why it hasnt been talked about more.
The baby from the Nirvana cover's all grown up!
Can someone let me know if they've been able to sync this with Nike+ (not sure if it's even possible). The Nike+ app for the Watch is terribly slow and was really distracting by not having a convenient interface while running. Music cut out, watch rarely turned on without having to tap it. Then again, Nike's always been bad with their UIs.
How can you possibly pick her side? The newbie poster was correct- she has this alpha personality that's attractive in the business world but has never backed it up with the smarts. She tries hard, I'll give her that, but mistakes like this can't hide her BS. This was a flat out failure due to a simple lack of foresight and planning, which is the job she gets paid more than you (assuming) or I (for sure) to do. Why defend someone not deserving?
If you're into the whole "here's a 7-figure salary to screw things up" mantra, be my guest to accept how she plans things out.
She screwed up her first big shot- they should've had them on display for a week, let people figure out which ones they wanted first and then did an online-only preorder but made sure everyone in the stores knew about it.
Why is this surprising? Apple's been in bed with all their competitors- they remember what happened to Microsoft.
As much I hate Windows, I really needed some of the programs. For certain VPNs, Parallels doesn't work out too well.
I had one for about 2 weeks. - Running with it sucks, not because of the tracker itself but because any little touching on the screen changes settings. I've had my runs cut short too often to rely on the UI stability - Floor counter made me feel like Clark Kent- waaaaaaay off, after 3 flights, it would say I was 10 flights up. - Step counter- same as above. But it was fun wearing it playing hockey. - regular SMS texting worked good but no pics, not even notifications of...
New Posts  All Forums: