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As someone who bought it yesterday, I can say that so far I'm happy. It's not nearly as bulky despite the pictures as I was expecting and it's pretty comfortable- I forget it's there (I have small wrists and wear the small size, I could've gone with the large but didn't care to). The battery is still over 90% and I messed with it a lot. The screen is basic but that's all I need, the time is always showing and the backlight is easy. No issues with the heart monitor nor the...
It's mandatory here in NJ and Oregon (except on military bases), legend has it that it's supposed to mean less in insurance for the station to pay and pass the savings to customers. The past few years have obliterated that theory since we're no longer one of the cheapest anymore. It's not all it's cracked up to be though, it's always faster when I find a careless attendant who won't care if I pump it myself instead of waiting on them. I do however enjoy the attendants that...
I know, but it doesn't help explaining that to the attendants here in NJ who will refuse to start pumping until you hang up. (Yes, I know it's my fault for living in Jersey to begin with)
And here I was believing in that cell phone static shock warning on all those pumps lol.
All I want is: - GPS - Bluetooth and music - time That's it. That's all I want. Sure I'll even throw in simple text/call notification when my phone is close to me. But seriously, why the hell can't any of these companies make a true running/workout health watch??? Every single one has a crucial missing feature that really negates the whole thing for me. Just venting my frustration...
Can't blame them for it. Kinda like those violists who kept playing as the Titanic sunk.
About the TV thing- no, I'm not "living in the 70's". I have an HDTV connected to popular streaming services that provide immediate access to content. The Apple TV is still just another face in the crowd and I, like millions of others, have upgraded past the tuner. Bottom line is that Cook has been regurgitating that same line for years since Jobs said it with no progress to show. What is he waiting for?
The app insisted that all models are currently unavailable. The desktop store is still down. I finally got through on AT&T's site to put an order in, problem is that the confirmation screen didn't include an est shipping date and I've still waiting for my conf email (luckily I saved the screen as a pdf). This is a train wreck every year. Now I have to live with the stress of not knowing if I was screwed or not. However if this is the worst thing going on in my life right...
Still down for me.
AT&T is making me wait in line lol. Something about the page will refresh when it's my turn. Apple still down :/ "it just works", so do I in about 3 hours.
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