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I like the 4", just big enough to see and small enough to use and conveniently store in my pocket. I just don't get the phablet trend beyond niche yet.
2 sizes? Already kicking off with fragmentation, huh. I don't buy it.
Huh? Lately all they've been hitting are singles!!! Still waiting for things like a watch, carplay (for Jeep :/), the TV, etc...
There was that "Text n Talk" app many years ago but all anybody did was make fun of how stupid the users were. how cultures can change so quickly!
"I wish my ipod was a phone. ... Yeah, but I don't want an iphone." (The Office) There is very little size difference between the MBPr & an MBA for me the care about. I say do away with the Air line and just concentrate on the Pro. With the way thumb drives r working to get sleek enough to barely notice, I'm cool with just sticking them in for what I'm doing in order to increase storage.
See? You keep harassing the AI writers about Android nonsense on slow news days and this what you get! /s
No, it would have to work across the board for all companies or it'll be a winner-takes-all scenario. The idea of keeping costs as low as possible works for small businesses but cripples a community that depends on it. Ie, what would happen to Pittsburgh if they had robots in the mines? But it would be on a much bigger scale. Like I said, it's a different type of responsibility. I would have used Detroit as an example but unfortunately they had some greedy brass on the...
Okay so if everyone were to gets PhD's, who's making your burger at McD's? Who's picking up your trash twice a week. And wait a minute, where are all the jobs coming from to employ all these PhD's?Everyone here can keep arguing on the side of big business until YOU get laid off. Hope all that time you've invested with your employers is worth it when they turn their back you- the ones who actually get the job done for them- when they have to fill more pockets upstairs. Have...
I'd love to live in your world when customers can afford to keep you in business without a decent paying job, my friend. Do yourself a favor and just pick up any newspaper from the past 5 years and let me know how your strategy's working. Even Jobs told Obama that if he didn't start bringing factories back to the States to employ more of us he'd be sunk. But what does he know?
It's not about making everyone rich, it's about getting money back into the hands of those who spend it. The stronger the cycle, the more money works for us. The longer the dollar sits at the top, the weaker the market becomes. If minimum wage was put up to $100, believe me those businesses complaining about spending so much on labor wouldn't be hurting when they see their revenue rise exponentially now that people can buy things again. ($100 is extreme of course, just...
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