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Why is this surprising? Apple's been in bed with all their competitors- they remember what happened to Microsoft.
As much I hate Windows, I really needed some of the programs. For certain VPNs, Parallels doesn't work out too well.
I had one for about 2 weeks. - Running with it sucks, not because of the tracker itself but because any little touching on the screen changes settings. I've had my runs cut short too often to rely on the UI stability - Floor counter made me feel like Clark Kent- waaaaaaay off, after 3 flights, it would say I was 10 flights up. - Step counter- same as above. But it was fun wearing it playing hockey. - regular SMS texting worked good but no pics, not even notifications of...
The fact that cars are still using steel and fuel is the same reason Tesla and Apple can be very successful. I don't personally see Apple going all in with their own car but if they were to do it, with the industry being what it is, right now is as good a time as any.
That's us northern folk, we conspire biannually on how we're going to clog up Siesta Key but we're starting to run out of ideas. A driverless car is our biggest fear!
Tracking on that but other countries don't have an economic system as vast as ours. There's so many things that go into deciding what these rates are that for all the abilities that I get for that $65/mo makes it seem very reasonable to me. You get what you pay for, I'd be scared to see what id get if they dropped the rate down to $20/mo.
I don't get the ISP hatred, I have Optimum (Cablevision) and pay $65/mo for 100/50 service- it let me cut cable and now I stream everything like millions of others already do. Just $65, how can I complain? They've been great!
As someone who bought it yesterday, I can say that so far I'm happy. It's not nearly as bulky despite the pictures as I was expecting and it's pretty comfortable- I forget it's there (I have small wrists and wear the small size, I could've gone with the large but didn't care to). The battery is still over 90% and I messed with it a lot. The screen is basic but that's all I need, the time is always showing and the backlight is easy. No issues with the heart monitor nor the...
It's mandatory here in NJ and Oregon (except on military bases), legend has it that it's supposed to mean less in insurance for the station to pay and pass the savings to customers. The past few years have obliterated that theory since we're no longer one of the cheapest anymore. It's not all it's cracked up to be though, it's always faster when I find a careless attendant who won't care if I pump it myself instead of waiting on them. I do however enjoy the attendants that...
I know, but it doesn't help explaining that to the attendants here in NJ who will refuse to start pumping until you hang up. (Yes, I know it's my fault for living in Jersey to begin with)
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