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It must be a slow Apple news day....
EBITA is not a good way to think about how much of your $90 goes to paying for your service.     You definitely have to think about interest and depreciation as a "cost to my service"  in the wireless market, there is going to be an interest cost which you can just think of as the cost of investing in asset purchases to provide wireless services (Cell phone towers, networks systems) which most people would prefer over an upfront fee to join a phone company so they...
I want HD video.
Apple probably made a program on the Instaler or modified Darwin so that it looks for all the right hardware or it won't install.
What do you al think about running tiger on my original Imac Bondi Blue?. It has 4 gigs (of HD space for you G5 smartasses) and 128mb of ram. Let me think, I think it has 2 or 4 mb of graphic memory. Now im serious I currently run panther, do you think tiger would slow it down or make it faster. Any speed gain would be a plus because im going to get tiger for my new imac anyways and no one really uses the old peice except when someone is on the new one and desperatly...
I have it. You can play online with gameranger, but I have never tried it. It is very fun, with the historical campaings and the acurate geographic maps. I think its like a mix of Civilization three and age of the empires.
I wont buy anything either IF apple wins the case.
I don't think DVD-R supports mutiple sessions. Only DVD+R
Isn't there some timeout setting that you can reset in the terminal? I don't remember it but I believe it was supposed to make the pages go faster?
Actually 10.1.2 is almost 3 years old.
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