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Alas this is the price to pay to get something as svelte as the new Macbook Pro. In my mind it is well worth it. Just remember to get Apple Care!
Everyone (should) knows that people sell off at the run-up to an Apple product announcement, more so then at the announcement itself - so any announcement is a buy-in opportunity... So that is what I did. I sold my Apple shares on Wednesday the week before the announcement at $544.50 and then bought them back on launch day for $533.12. That netted me over $2300 in the span of 2 weeks (I have 50 shares). Overall I must say I am a very happy Apple investor (and customer)
First of all, you do know that it is possible to move beyond the border of your own country, right? Maybe not all Americans are aware of this. As it is in Europe it is quite easy and in many cases short distances. Think of it as moving from one state to another if that helps ;-) iPhone 4 has been out in the United Kingdom for about a month, separated from Norway by a relatively short distance of sea. They sell through several carriers, and even unlocked and not associated...
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