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Mine works pretty well.
Not anymore, the iOS 9 version hangs out in iCloud.
He was describing a "user profile" to explain a marketing campaign aimed at such a person. BFD. People who get upset over stuff like this don't understand the conversation.
 You can thank Goldman Sachs' moment of clarity regarding Apple for that, though they're probably just looking to dump shares before the Fed raises rates and the whole market tanks later today. :)
Yeah but in the end, do you really think most of the target audience for this (any?) Apple product are looking to the CEO for why? Most people don't give a shit about what Tim Cook said to some reporter. You and I are not typical users, people who read these interviews and rumors sites discussions are the (nerdy) minority. Marketing will take care of it.
 Anyone considering a Cintiq at this point should look at Astropad (which works with other iPads as well BTW, but presumably best with the Pro/Pencil combo). Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8xZedh_hUQ
Weren't you the one saying that Cook et al weren't pushing the iPad Pro use cases hard enough?
If the windshield isn't 4K and it doesn't have an optical tailpipe, I'm out.
Anybody tried the other DLNA apps available yet? There are a few, but paid so hoping to find out which ones work best before purchasing. I still use my PS3 and PS3MediaServer but was hoping to migrate over to something on AppleTV that *HOPEFULLY* will support Siri search when that's opened up.
i think you mean glossy out of touch.
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