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I think this is more a general guideline and not something they're going to make apparent to the customer. Much like Genius Bar appointments have an allotted amount of time, I have never had one cut short due to time constraints, and if anything the Genius might excuse themselves to get someone else started or check on something, but they never mention time limits or rush you. And I've sat there and watched people go over the most simple and mundane tasks (to experienced...
And I'd rather get important security updates right away rather than waiting for larger OS update bundles.
Agree. It's been made pretty clear with the Ive media blitz that the watch is his baby. Jobs was the rightful "I" behind Apple, and the iProducts that followed. Cook is doing just fine where he is, and is rightfully attributing Apple's achievements to the team (that Steve built), while pushing some credit to Ive through the media, who doesn't want to be on the stage. What do people wish had happened, Forstall as CEO? We'd have animated card shredders and crap everywhere...
I should've sold my QCOM when it was at $80.
I picked the wrong career.
Whoa, nice! And just holding command at least shows you the path so you can see which copy of something you're looking at before opening. 
Dunno if this helps... but one of my clients just bought an EVGA GTX 970 and popped it in a Mac Pro 3,1 (2008) with no issues. It was not a Mac-branded card or anything. He said it worked great right out of the box. 
An office I work for is downsizing and moving, so I'm trying to figure out the best solution here to reduce their footprint. I am decommissioning their 2009 Xserve and Promise VTrak RAID and other rack stuff. All data is getting moved to a couple Thunderbolt Drobos (one live server, one offsite backup to sync monthly). I was going to replace the Xserve with a mini, as their needs are much lighter now (just a few people, generally very light file access, and remote/VPN...
 I said that for a long time before actually forcing myself to get used to the trackpad, and especially with multitouch gestures now I'll never go back. 
 You can do it yourself pretty easily with a couple tools and a ~$7 replacement battery from Amazon or eBay, takes under 10 minutes.
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