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I just wanted to quote this so someone who maybe skipped over it ends up reading it. Smartest post I've seen all day.
I'm also confused by this. Two people playing the same game using completely different controllers (whether the second is a Nimbus or an iPhone) seems ... problematic. Still confused about Apple's approach to gaming here.
I don't get it. They have an iOS app, you just can't purchase new content through it — you have to go buy it on the web then return to the app. Prime stuff is all available on the spot. Why would they not make an AppleTV app? Can't you just AirPlay it to your AppleTV anyway or is that not possible (I don't have one, waiting for my new ATV monday. :)
The old AppleTV? They've never reported numbers for that. The new one they said has started strong but is in this next quarter obviously, it's not even in stores yet so what's there to report?
I suppose, but as someone who has extra everything else cables (I found SCSI-1 cables when looking if that says anything), I didn't have one. :)
That's exactly what I'm doing. :) I didn't notice when ordering the Apple TV that they were pushing their own $19 cable but it seems odd they don't include one with a $200 box that has no other connectivity.
Didn't realize until hours after my order that these don't ship with an HDMI cable. That seems a bit odd (slash cheap), doesn't it?
Does in mine (6, 9.0.2), your iPhone is messed up.
You can already do this. I do. https://macid.co
Quote: It's still October.
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