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 Well at least in 2016 it can be:
 53,347 here. Takes up half of my MBP's 1TB SSD. Still waiting for iTunes Match to allow me to pay for it. :)
 My 2009 mini is doing just that and chugging right along. You don't need a monitor for a media/file server, that's what Screen Sharing on your other Mac(s) is for (or Screens etc on iPad). Or hook it up to your TV. And you don't need the latest mini if you're just doing light duty file/media serving.
 They're making a shitload of phones out of them?
 Yeah, I prefer matte screens too.
For that much it seems like they could've gotten Bono to practice his lines for the reveal. Man that seemed like it took forever.
Tim will show the current lineup of Android watches and end with how even the nice-looking Moto 270 can't even make it through the afternoon without a charge. Then he'll reveal the iWatch runs on a tiny nuclear fusion core that never needs recharging, and can wirelessly charge your new iPhone while in your pocket all day long.    Then they'll play this song and Phil will throw in a "Can't innovate anymore, my wrist!"   http://youtu.be/md3B3I7Nmvw   Mark my words.
 This was my thought as well. Everyone was blindsided by the Mac Pro.
 I'm attached to both. I started learning design on an SE/30 then color on a IIsi (QuickTime!). What is there not to like? Cook is obviously a fucking pro, and they *just* showed a HUGE renewed fervor for OS X which I cannot be more excited about, and who cares about IBM if you don't work for a company serviced by them?  Reiterating — old Apple was great but nearly dead when I was enjoying my Centris 650 and beige G3 tower, and now we have best in class hardware and a HUGE...
 Because the applications you are thinking of do not apply. To paraphrase someone on this or another thread (sorry, don't remember), "you think Apple and IBM are too stupid to think of this?"  Seriously, these guys are playing 3D chess 15 moves ahead and you're still focused on how you work in your own myopic worldview. I am just going to leave this here:"Don't bet against us," — Tim Cook ​My main point is this is likely to help everyone (save BBRY maybe) and don't fucking...
New Posts  All Forums: