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 My "attack" was just calling you out for my perceived reason you might be trolling this thread so hard despite having no vested interest in any of this. You said early on you don't use your iPad for anything other than reading, then challenged everyone to come up with a legitimate purpose for using an iPad in a business environment, which nobody actually needs to do because millions of people (except you) do it every day. Over and over you discount the usability for the...
 I am not talking about my designers, I'm talking about seeing people working differently with and/or adapting to new technology. You seem unable to see beyond what you are used to in your own environment. You are still ignoring the fact this article has nothing to do with you or designers' workflow. This is NOT aimed at your workflow. NOT.  I'm happy for your company, it sounds like it's doing very well. Sorry you're so angry about something that does not affect you in...
 Zoom? I edited a bezier on a trackpad just yesterday. Woo hoo. I'm not sure why you're still going down this rabbit hole. Again, this has nothing to do with designers and their chosen input devices. If I can find my Bamboo pen, maybe I would've used that to edit it. Who cares?
Now you definitely sound like trackball director.You NEED whatever tools get the job done. I see people as old as when I was first learning these things with desktops and mice now working in Maya and FCP and Illustrator in cafés on their MBP's trackpads.However, this thread has more to do with everyday office workers who do not work in design. They do email and maybe spreadsheets or PowerPoint (shudder) and are potentially about to move a lot of that to an iPad running...
I've been waiting for someone to bring up a new XServe.
This has nothing to do with you. It's funny how wrapped up you are in how this doesn't apply to you or your workflow. Nobody cares, you'reclearly not the target audience for this.
LOL. I run my own web/multimedia/design company. I design, code, edit video and audio, as well as surf the web.We as designers may need more pixel-perfect accuracy than your average office drone, but that certainly doesn't help your labored point or have any relevance in this thread really.You sound like the art director I deal with who won't get rid of his duct-tape covered trackball.
The fact that you have to use a mouse with your MBP to get work done says a lot. Guessing you still have scrolling reversed or refuse to upgrade from Snow Leopard too?People learn new things and move on. I haven't used my mouse with my Macs since multitouch and gestures. Just because you're stuck on that input device doesn't mean everyone else is.
 He already has a job.
Makes sense, my Uber drivers never know where they're going either. /rimshot
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