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I don't think I've ever pictured open apps living behind the Springboard, so that'll take some getting used to. My gut tells me it should be far left and underneath them all — but with Apple, I *assume* they've thought this through and the hierarchy is being represented the 'correct' way, and I was wrong. :)   I also realize sometimes they're just wrong about stuff (see iTunes), so maybe not.
That button invokes Clippy.
I can see this being useful in developing areas/off the grid situations (or The Road/Fallout-style post-apocalyptic environs), but otherwise this is just polishing a turd.   Disposable alkaline batteries are garbage. Anyone still using those for commonly used household devices — stop and switch to a decent set of rechargeable. Yes, they are expensive in comparison, initially. But I'm surprised at how few people seem to know they last SO much longer for each use than...
 Turn off "Store drafts on the server" in Preferences.
Wait, you can't do that? That was one of the primary things I envisioned being useful on the Watch (which I haven't ordered). I am increasingly trying to train myself to use both of these often between my iPhone and Mac, and assumed I'd be able to read/add from the Watch as well. Do you get geofenced or timed Reminders on the Watch?
 This must be your first time listening. They don't ask those questions, because they're smart enough to know they won't get answered, so it's a waste of their chance to ask a question that might actually get answered, and of everyone's time including everyone listening. Tim's no fool, it's not like he's going to change his mind about what they disclose — I recall a year or two ago someone asking about something in a roundabout way, and Tim answered something along the...
Thank the heavens I can finally have a calculator watch.
I think this is more a general guideline and not something they're going to make apparent to the customer. Much like Genius Bar appointments have an allotted amount of time, I have never had one cut short due to time constraints, and if anything the Genius might excuse themselves to get someone else started or check on something, but they never mention time limits or rush you. And I've sat there and watched people go over the most simple and mundane tasks (to experienced...
And I'd rather get important security updates right away rather than waiting for larger OS update bundles.
Agree. It's been made pretty clear with the Ive media blitz that the watch is his baby. Jobs was the rightful "I" behind Apple, and the iProducts that followed. Cook is doing just fine where he is, and is rightfully attributing Apple's achievements to the team (that Steve built), while pushing some credit to Ive through the media, who doesn't want to be on the stage. What do people wish had happened, Forstall as CEO? We'd have animated card shredders and crap everywhere...
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