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I should've sold my QCOM when it was at $80.
I picked the wrong career.
Whoa, nice! And just holding command at least shows you the path so you can see which copy of something you're looking at before opening. 
Dunno if this helps... but one of my clients just bought an EVGA GTX 970 and popped it in a Mac Pro 3,1 (2008) with no issues. It was not a Mac-branded card or anything. He said it worked great right out of the box. 
An office I work for is downsizing and moving, so I'm trying to figure out the best solution here to reduce their footprint. I am decommissioning their 2009 Xserve and Promise VTrak RAID and other rack stuff. All data is getting moved to a couple Thunderbolt Drobos (one live server, one offsite backup to sync monthly). I was going to replace the Xserve with a mini, as their needs are much lighter now (just a few people, generally very light file access, and remote/VPN...
 I said that for a long time before actually forcing myself to get used to the trackpad, and especially with multitouch gestures now I'll never go back. 
 You can do it yourself pretty easily with a couple tools and a ~$7 replacement battery from Amazon or eBay, takes under 10 minutes.
 Well at least in 2016 it can be:
 53,347 here. Takes up half of my MBP's 1TB SSD. Still waiting for iTunes Match to allow me to pay for it. :)
 My 2009 mini is doing just that and chugging right along. You don't need a monitor for a media/file server, that's what Screen Sharing on your other Mac(s) is for (or Screens etc on iPad). Or hook it up to your TV. And you don't need the latest mini if you're just doing light duty file/media serving.
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