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LOL. I run my own web/multimedia/design company. I design, code, edit video and audio, as well as surf the web.We as designers may need more pixel-perfect accuracy than your average office drone, but that certainly doesn't help your labored point or have any relevance in this thread really.You sound like the art director I deal with who won't get rid of his duct-tape covered trackball.
The fact that you have to use a mouse with your MBP to get work done says a lot. Guessing you still have scrolling reversed or refuse to upgrade from Snow Leopard too?People learn new things and move on. I haven't used my mouse with my Macs since multitouch and gestures. Just because you're stuck on that input device doesn't mean everyone else is.
 He already has a job.
Makes sense, my Uber drivers never know where they're going either. /rimshot
 Yeah, an 11" MBA is highly unlikely!
 I think I may have misunderstood — I thought you were saying you were surprised that your iPad would mirror its 4:3 display at 4:3 on a 16:9 TV.
 You do realize that the aspect ratio of your iPad is 4:3, and the Nexus 10 is 16:10? What exactly is it supposed to mirror if not its own aspect ratio? Video out is app-dependent, so some apps may only support 720p on external HD TV's etc. Playing 1080p video shouldn't be a problem in apps that support it.
 So they could ship many millions of adapters to people who don't need them? What a waste.
 Yeah, it'll just be like Kate Moss on Family Guy:  
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