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 Very very frightening, me!
OS X 10.10 90210
 I don't expect anything, which is why I'll be pleasantly surprised if they do. If they don't, I will not have been exhausting myself with handwringing while waiting to see what happens at WWDC in a short month from now.
 First five months. Your calendar is all messed up.
 Who is forcing you to buy everything new on launch day?
 There have only been four months so far this year. Have some patience for chrissakes, there are better things to worry about.
 I think it makes sense to announce new stuff when it's ready, as Apple generally does. Whenever they announce something that's not ready, and it's then delayed (see iMac, Mac Pro), the whining gets even louder.
 Huh, dunno then. I just went to Your Account > Email Preferences & Notifications and I have two main options: [   ] Send me marking email from the following categories (with the 42 options) or [ X ] Do not send me marketing e-mail. If you had that checked and you were still receiving marketing emails, it must've been a glitch. Maybe select "Send me..." then switch back to "Do not send..." and see if that fixes it, if they don't stop.
 I am a semi-heavy Amazon Prime user and I don't ever receive any bulk mail from Amazon, ever. You should check your account preferences.
 I know you can do that on Scottrade (I did). I know that's not the exact same thing but just saying.
New Posts  All Forums: