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Do you answer, "Time to get a watch"?
Sorkin can fit about 5 hours of dialogue into 90 minutes.
Dude, where's my—never mind.
Nope, just checked. Dammit.   I was also waiting for a fix another thing I submitted long ago. When you download a file froma  link, the "safari icon" that jumps from the link location down to the Downloads folder in the Dock — Works fine but when connected to second monitor, the animation jumps from some random spot on the display that has the Dock, but not necessarily the Safari window if it's in another display. This happens when I have my ACD30" plugged in, which is...
  Well, something like this:   “I don’t think anybody has done a product that is the product that I see customers wanting,” Ballmer said in an interview picked up by AllThingsD. “You can go through the products from all those guys … and none of them has a product that you can really use. Not Apple. Not Google. Not Amazon. Nobody has a product that lets you work and play that can be your tablet and your PC. Not at any price point.”   This was in October. :)
  So not a scientific test, but it just finally died on me after about 5 hours with a 30 minute sleep in the middleish. That's minimal brightness and mostly web/terminal and a few background apps running for the most part, but in general I haven't gotten anywhere close to that since 10.6. Usually closer to half that before it would sleep. I'd say that's an improvement!   BTW - coconutBattery says current capacity is 5588/6900 with 193 load cycles after 24 months, so I am...
I came here to make the retractable dome joke. :)
Doing anything on 2GB of RAM sucks. Most apps need a chunk more than they used to as well, so it's not like even if Mountain Lion only ate up a gig and left the rest for everything else you'd be happy. RAM is cheap now and is a huge bottleneck for older machines trying to run newer software when you're dealing with those amounts of memory.
I haven't done any concrete testing yet, but on my first battery outing on 10.8.3 and I'm seeing numbers back to Snow Leopard levels. Been on battery for an hour and a half and it still says I have another 4+ remaining. Probably won't actually be that much, but prior to this update, lately I've been taking my Mac out on battery and immediately seeing ~3 hrs and dropping rapidly, sometimes not even getting that much out of it. Was waiting to get a new SSD and do a...
New Posts  All Forums: