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 I was poking fun at the typical knee-jerk "I mean just look at Tim Cook!" sentiments, which are far more common on places like Forbes (or any number of click-bait generators' comment threads).  By all measures (except stock price as you and others are so quick to point out), Cook has been an exemplary leader. Doing something to "create buzz" to move the stock would be the first major indicator to me that he is not. And are we selectively ignoring that AAPL reached $700 on...
 "a Pandora competing music service" — you mean like iTunes Radio? Your very incorrect assumption is that they're not doing these things. Just because you don't know what they're doing doesn't mean they're doing nothing; only a fool would assume they're sitting on their thumbs.
  Forbes.com is that way ------->
 I think it speaks volumes about just how far they've come with refining the design in just a few years. It doesn't seem particularly out of line in that context.
 You mean aside from monetizing it by selling more and more iOS devices and Macs due to the value added to the Apple ecosystem and user retention? You want them to start shoving ads in your iMessage streams like Google or Facebook? GTFO. Glad you're not running Apple.
Amazing. Nickel is one of the most common contact dermatitis allergies out there, and somehow they failed to avoid this. I am allergic, and for things like jewelry/belt buckles  and what not, clear nail polish covering the area of contact solves the problem — but I have a feeling this might not work for biometric sensors that probably need direct skin contact.    Fail.
 I got the email notification that black was in today. There must've been a mistake yesterday. I'm going to hold off to see what reviews say, but I'm more likely to keep one of these in my bag vs my R09.
 No, they don't intend to — not that they don't seem to care. If you read the actual MacWorld interview with these guys, they clearly explain their thinking. iOS and OSX are disparate but connected in their vision. They see Mac and OSX as intrinsically important to the future roadmap. Mavericks has a ton of forward-thinking new features with regard to power consumption and so forth, showing that they do care quite a bit. "Microsoft on the other hand..."  — Yeah, we'll see.
 [ insert scene from "Lisa's Pony" where Homer goes to bed for 1 second before the alarm clock goes off and gets back up ]
 Huh, says white's available but black is "Expected availability: March 20 2014"
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