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 Reminders on your iPhone.
 "Racks of iMacs" — LOL
 Stop doing that.
 You mean besides Spotlight and the search field in every Finder window? They do absolutely nothing if you don't look for them, that's the whole point. 
 That's what the "Three finger drag" option is for. Works fine other than it's a little less difficult to be precise than a single finger/physical button. I'm currently training myself to use tap to click over using my thumb for the trackpad button, it's difficult but I'm getting better at it — kind of like when I finally ditched my mouse.
 I was poking fun at the typical knee-jerk "I mean just look at Tim Cook!" sentiments, which are far more common on places like Forbes (or any number of click-bait generators' comment threads).  By all measures (except stock price as you and others are so quick to point out), Cook has been an exemplary leader. Doing something to "create buzz" to move the stock would be the first major indicator to me that he is not. And are we selectively ignoring that AAPL reached $700 on...
 "a Pandora competing music service" — you mean like iTunes Radio? Your very incorrect assumption is that they're not doing these things. Just because you don't know what they're doing doesn't mean they're doing nothing; only a fool would assume they're sitting on their thumbs.
  Forbes.com is that way ------->
 I think it speaks volumes about just how far they've come with refining the design in just a few years. It doesn't seem particularly out of line in that context.
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