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 [ insert scene from "Lisa's Pony" where Homer goes to bed for 1 second before the alarm clock goes off and gets back up ]
 Huh, says white's available but black is "Expected availability: March 20 2014"
 To be clear, I don't misunderstand any of the above. :) What I'm saying is in a casual conversation or say a headline to a blog article in which one doesn't have the time or space to qualify what they mean by "memory", generally speaking memory refers to RAM which is separate from the "other thing" :) which is storage capacity, whether that storage is made from flash memory or cassette tapes or whatever. The point being "memory hog" makes me think of Safari gobbling up...
 Wait, are you saying you also refer to volatile RAM as "primary storage" for a PC? GoodGrief indeed. :)
 I don't think they're interchangeable at all, in fact the only times I hear people say "memory" when they mean storage is in error, i.e. they don't know what they're talking about. (NOT saying you don't! :) Memory = RAM which is used temporarily by the OS and Applications as they are actively running, which is emptied when the device is off.Storage = Storage space which your apps and data persistently whether the device is on or . I would never refer to this as "memory"...
 Sorry, I don't hang out here all day. I said it was "doable" which is true, regardless if it requires jailbreaking. I didn't know specifics because I don't freak out over advancements in OSes enough to ever roll back to an old version. You seem to be really angry about this, maybe you should calm down a bit — it's just a phone. It'll get better.
 Do you use rechargeable batteries? You'll get wayyy more time out of those than standard alkaline (not talking about recharging/reuse — each charge)
 You CAN revert to iOS6. It takes a little work, but it's doable — just Google it.
 Uh, that's not normal at all. You either have a serious software or hardware problem.
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