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Hopefully bringing back an iTunes DJ-like party voting/upvoting system for Up Next, which was one of the most fun and under promoted features of iTunes <11.
  Pretty sure they added them specifically for full screen, so when you're on another screen in Mission Control, you see notifications for apps on other screens without having to have multiple windows open. They haven't solved it yet, but they're clearly working on trying to get away from users having to manage a dozen windows on a single screen and keeping track of what's happening where within that pile. I hope the tabbed Finders windows rumor is true. I tutor people on...
  Great idea.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_8#Windows_8.1_.22Blue.22_update
  NO. Why the hell would you want to have to look at your trackpad? Unless you're one of those hunt-and-peck typers...
  Forstall is kicking himself for spending so much time on that shredder animation in Passbook he was so proud of.
  Yes please. I'm hoping 10.9 is a major cleanup of Lion/ML for bugs and optimization, along with new features or a smarter Finder, smarter iCloud implementation, etc. Getting battery life back to Snow Leopard levels from where it is with Mountain Lion would be a good start.    iOS7 ... well, people have plenty of requests there. I want simple things like collapsable IMAP folders in Mail. :)  And for Siri to understand what the hell I'm talking about. :)
  Not if you sit on it and be patient.   The stock, I mean.
  A million times, THIS. All the comments and articles and such clamoring for Apple Product X Right Now™ seem to completely ignore all of these factors. New Xeon chipsets are needed for Thunderbolt in Mac Pros, which is totally dependent on Intel's roadmap. ac chips for all wireless products, so on.   Remember kids, the future is here tomorrow! :)
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