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 I don't think they're interchangeable at all, in fact the only times I hear people say "memory" when they mean storage is in error, i.e. they don't know what they're talking about. (NOT saying you don't! :) Memory = RAM which is used temporarily by the OS and Applications as they are actively running, which is emptied when the device is off.Storage = Storage space which your apps and data persistently whether the device is on or . I would never refer to this as "memory"...
 Sorry, I don't hang out here all day. I said it was "doable" which is true, regardless if it requires jailbreaking. I didn't know specifics because I don't freak out over advancements in OSes enough to ever roll back to an old version. You seem to be really angry about this, maybe you should calm down a bit — it's just a phone. It'll get better.
 Do you use rechargeable batteries? You'll get wayyy more time out of those than standard alkaline (not talking about recharging/reuse — each charge)
 You CAN revert to iOS6. It takes a little work, but it's doable — just Google it.
 Uh, that's not normal at all. You either have a serious software or hardware problem.
 The body says "supposedly confirmed". How about "reportedly rumored to have supposedly confirmed in an unverified report"?
 I hope the Mac Pro has that too!
 I can: 
 Do yourself a favor, check this box: System Preferences > Users & Groups > [  ] Show fast user switching menu as...
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