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I've got this answer: You'll have to wait until September 9. I bet you were one of those kids who snuck downstairs to open presents early, weren't you?    
Little OT. It's incredible to see how much money you guys pay for cellular data in the US. Here in Barcelona (Catalonia - Europe) I pay 9€ per 1GB and all the calls for 0.01€ per minute So, basically I end up paying about 15/18€ a month counting data, calls and VAT, using my iPhone 5 constantly in 3G. Here some examples: http://www.pepephone.com/tarifas/?xsid=XSIDB27VZWIB1K36W8C96RPYJBF0NV5C http://tuenti.com/movil
Thank you for your comment! But: I actually know how to search e-mails and navigate thru folders, as you said, they are in the top, but organized alphabetically, all mixed. The folder/subfolder schematic is just ignored. For example, I have a folder called South Europe, inside that folder I have another folder called, Italy, inside Italy I have another folder called (Company name) and inside that folder, I have other folders, (Invoices, Demos...) So now, when I open the...
Of course they do... Have you ever tried to set up and work with an Exchange Account in Any android device? I've been using it in a Samsung Galaxy S Plus (Android 2.3.3) and I have no words to describe how painfully it is to search for mail, navigate thru folders and even try to get the exchange calendar sync... I have an iPhone 4 as my personal phone, and this Samsung as a professional phone (that my company gave to me). I find myself using my personal iPhone 4 to...
The performance boost is amazing. Also considering that usually, Notebooks HD are the slowest thing on earth. I had this SSD for over three days and I can say that I knew that it would be quicker... But this is just STUNNING! The Os's responsiveness, the process of opening tons of applications at once, absolutely EVERYTHING suffers an incredible boost... It is just amazing to realize that in modern computers what is really braking everything down are old, crappy noisy...
True.That's exactly why I was impressed and I wanted to share this with all of you.
Hello folks. I've just got my new MacBook Pro Sandy Bridge BTO, which was equipped with an SSD drive and this is what I found in the System Profiler. We don't need to wait for Lion, the special build that new Sandy Bridge MacBook Pro's have already support TRIM in Snow Leopard!
Here a pic
I guess that this is one of the changes that the latest 10.6.6 buld included with the new MacBook Pros, which is: 1QJ3210 is TRIM support systemwide. I'm sure that once 10.6.7 is released will be included for all other machines.
Guys, as you can see, TRIM support is already in the latest Snow Leopard Build! We don't have to wait to Lion to get it!!!!
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