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I am STILL waiting to get mine.... TNT is a huge disaster.. It was shipped last saturday from Shanghai.... and i guess I won't receive it tomorrow, which means that at least 'till monday... We'll be awaiting your specs!
Basically for two important reasons, 1) SPEED They are like 10 times faster or more. Actually, traditional Hard Drives in laptops (either 5.400 or 7.200) are the slowest thing on earth. 2) Noise. They are perfectly quiet. I dont' want to listen to the rotation noise anymore.And regarding security, as I said at the beginning of this thread, I have confidence in what apple chooses for MacBook laptops. And by the way Lion will finally support TRIM at once and for all which...
No info at the moment. At soon as I get mine I will be publishing here the specs and the benchmarks results. At the moment my MacBook Pro is taking a vacation in Pudong International Airport in shanghai, and once TNT decides to end them and deliver it to me I will be back
Hello all. I've just ordered a BTO MacBook Pro 17'' with the i7 2.3GHz (8MBL3) + 8GB 1333Mhz DDR3 and the 512 SSD option. I do believe that Apple will probably choose a device with a good balance between stability, support and performance, but it has been impossible for me to find out which device are they currently using in the latest Sandy Bridge update. Does anybody have any information about it? I will be receiving mine in two days (it has been shipped...
Here we go Guys, my new diamond has been shipped Uploaded with ImageShack.us
I ordered a MacBook Pro 17'' BTO with the 2.3(8MB-L3) Quad core chip + 8GB RAM and the 512GB-SSD... As you can imagine I am stuck in the order status, and I've been reloading the page every 5 seconds for the last 38 hours... But it keeps saying... (Not Yet Shipped...) What should I do???? Guys please help me!! As here in Catalonia (Europe) is starting to be night, should I start counting the stars? or enjoying the beauty of all living things on earth? Or maybe I can...
This is the largest apple store in the world (inside a mall) And here another cool video http://www.applesfera.com/
Here a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a33l7...layer_embedded
Guys, today is inauguration day! http://www.applesfera.com/apple/asi-...-puerta-grande Finally!
To answer your question I would say: First, remember, that in Barcelona the native and first legal language is Catalan (not Spanish). Spanish is spoken to everyone as well as is the language of the Spanish State. But here in Catalonia people really loves it's language, so if you learn some Catalan before coming here, (simple stuff like good morning: bon dia etc) people will love you. About english, I would say that you can hardly find anyone here that can understand...
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