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To answer your question I would say: First, remember, that in Barcelona the native and first legal language is Catalan (not Spanish). Spanish is spoken to everyone as well as is the language of the Spanish State. But here in Catalonia people really loves it's language, so if you learn some Catalan before coming here, (simple stuff like good morning: bon dia etc) people will love you. About english, I would say that you can hardly find anyone here that can understand...
Hi guys, I've been there again and now we can clearly see the apple logo + web address. I think the store will be open in weeks. I took a video as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtg9eSrGn0I When I was there taking pictures a guy from inside came out and was watching me all the time, making sure I wasn't about to take pictures inside those black walls.
If you own a retail and "genuine" copy of Warcraft III, this is what I recommend you to do. Go to battle.net and register your copy by entering your serial. After that, from there you'll be able to download the mac client, which by the way will be already a Universal app so you won't need rosetta and is updated to almost the latest version.
Hello Guys. You would may know that Apple is opening a new Retail Store in Barcelona (Catalonia). The sore will be ready for opening this September (in time for the holidays season) and several local newspaper are talking about it: (El PeriĆ³dico) The store is located in the first floor of (La Maquinista) a big department store in Barcelona. I made two pictures and I'll be following the opening. I am very excited to know that finally I'll have an...
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