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I would like to see to use remote app to mirror to my 27 Mac from iOS.
any way to add labels or tags to a phone
Another tip about calculation in Spotlight: press Command C to copy the result. Very handy if you want to get result without using calc. The copy in Spotlight also apples to file. You will get the full path of the file. This feature in Spotlight for ages.
Yes. The best products but not cheap ones.
This article sound no more stories about Apple Inc. What really cool thing is to find out a way to show location where a message was sent. Or this is an optional information from "more..." when I double tap the message. If the sender wants to show location, he/she could enable it.
Time to get off high-pressure work.
Namechanger is a nice app to rename files in batch. For a long list of image files, this handy tool works great! http://mrrsoftware.com/MRRSoftware/NameChanger.html
I updated my MBP 2008, Mac OS 10.5 directly to Mavericks. No troubles so far. I tried to update this MBP last year to ML, but I could not do it. Now I move to the newest OS for free!
One billion subscriptions mean one billion people who appreciate the content of podcasts.You just don't get it. Apple is making great products and services real people love. That's the greatest value!
Information about China growth: China may overpass US and becomes the top one market in 2016. http://cutt.com/article/1694541892
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