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wait for iPad mini, much cooler than iPod touch.
Consumers get what they paid for. 
This event has long time impact on how business should be done. It is not just who-win-or-who-lose. There has been so messy in the past how technology companies doing their business. This is not consumer's choice issue at all. Samsung just cannot do business or make money just in a way to copy or improve Apple's lead.   Actually, this is not a bad thing for Samsung at all. Nor Apple would be safe lead in mobile devices in the future. This will force competition in...
The article may be writen in Mountain Lion Dictation.
Samsung did the same thing. Police has been investigating the case now.
Remember Apple has never been aimed at whatever #1 in PC or mobile phone. What Apple wnats is to design the best products for users they love. If they love, they will be buy, if not , they would not. That's so simple! The reality is that Apple is a developer and others just copy and follow the trend to make money. That's not health competition!
Another very key issue regarding passbook is that how much Apple is going to take as service charge. I guess that it would not be 30%, but there must be something there. This may be interesting charge if it is not consistent with all app or book charges.
bascically, this removal of password for free apps will bring more people to use apps. Many people don't have Apple ID and they are reluctant to create one just for free apps. Now there is no requirement for Apple ID to get free apps.
Apple is changing the way we read books. As Steve Jobs said: "we want to change the world". Let the innovation changing the game! 
Have you download the app? There must be an app for that.
New Posts  All Forums: