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Here Chinese name is 傅春莉。Now her nickname in Chinese is called as a lucky iPhone girl. She hold her reward card: Apple staff hosted her at Beijing airport. After she arrived at Beijing, she was led to Apple Beijing office and she had her lunch there. She became a "celebrity" immediately. Many Journalists took pictures of her. She met many people there, including Apple staff, at Beijing Apple store.
The Apple support is for Mac OS X, not OS X.
Still there is not quick way to rename or save as file with shortcut key: shift+command+s in Apple's application shortcut key http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1343
The operating system of Mac OS X is the soul of MacBook Air. What is the OS of HP? Windows 8? Does Windows have iLife for photo, movie and music? Full version of development tool XCODE? None.
I left my words on the window glass at the local Apple Store: Steve, you changed my life. God bless you! Daqing
Who cares about Woz? I think that you will hear from him soon for sure. As a short time user of Apple product since 2007, I wrote a blog in Chinese to remember Steve Jobs at http://davidchuchinese.blogspot.com/...blog-post.htmlBy the way, do you know why the new iPhone is called as iPhone4S? iPhone for Steve Jobs! In Chinese, there are may other words like 5 in sound, such as none, empty or disappearing. iPhone5 at this time means no luck at all.
The true and real talent of Steve Jobs is that he is not the ONLY person created Apple, but he is also the greatest person who is able to pass his torch to his team to carry forward. I think this is most difficult thing to do. Steve Jobs is doing it right now. He is letting his role go and keeps watching his Apple enterring to a new era!
. This is about innovation, Apple way to leave competitors far behind.
I like the new way to get apps. It saves me a lot and not worrying about one user or family pack.
I think that what we see thunderbolt is just tip of iceberg. Apple has spent a lot of efforts and investment into this technology. The coming Lions Mac OX will support Thunderbolt from OS low level which is the way to access to the peripherals. In addition to that, there will API available from OS to control and access to Thunderbolt. We'll hear more from WWDC. We'll see other Mac OS based products coming out with Thunderbolt port (like MacBook Air, MacBook and Mini). ...
New Posts  All Forums: