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What should Apple have said? "Stop selling off our stock."
Moral of the story: Never listen to a sell-side analyst from Wall Street. This is doubly important for Apple. I find it laughable when they throw out suggestions for products that Apple should sell, like a 5-inch iPhone or a cheaper iPhone. Do they seriously think they can run Apple better than Tim Cook and his team? 
What choice did Apple have? They had to honor their deal with AT&T.
Why does the US deserve 35% of profits earned due to sales overseas? And Apple is just making the best of the system that Congress has created. While many like to say that the "system that Congress has created" is a misnomer because companies hire lobbyists, this article points out that Apple has never been big on lobbying. They're "doubling lobbying spending" to $4 million, pocket change for a company the size of Apple. They've never really spent that much on lobbying...
The world crying foul over Ireland's low tax rates sounds like the sore loser who gets a bad grade on an exam and accuses the person who scored the highest of cheating. I am disgusted with Congress. If they were really serious about "making corporations/wealthy pay their fair share," they would get their act together and pass some legislation to close those "evil loopholes" that are "depriving America of revenue." Instead, they're bashing another country for attracting...
If people want to nitpick, they'll always find a reason to do so. Apple shouldn't waste its time trying to please tabloid journalists who write trash to get hits. Let's go through the accusations leveled against Apple:   - Labor practices: We've been hearing iHaters criticize Apple for years about using "slave labor." On articles that raked Apple over the coals over labor practices at its contractors' facilities, commenters vehemently declared that they would never buy...
The funny thing about the "Apple tax" is that it seems to apply only to Apple. No one thinks about the "Microsoft tax" when they buy Windows PCs. Microsoft's margins are higher than Apple's margins. According to Yahoo! Finance, Microsoft's margins are 75% as opposed to Apple's being 40%. 
  We all know the New York Times has to make money. They write stuff if it will sell. But people who comment on forums don't have that excuse. I laughed my head off every time I read posts by people vowing to never buy another Apple product until all their products were made in the USA, never mind that the computer they typed that on was probably made in the same terrible working conditions that the NYT article describes. I guess I should commend the New York Time for...
But what if Apple needed Google's approval before implementing certain features (e.g. turn-by-turn) on iOS? Rumor has it that that's what happened. 
  While I agree that it's not a good idea for Apple to use its main competitor to make chips, it's not entirely true that Samsung can just cut off supply whenever they feel like it. There are supply contracts in place. And also, Samsung would lose revenue from Apple if they just cut off supply whenever they felt like it. 
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