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  While I agree that it's not a good idea for Apple to use its main competitor to make chips, it's not entirely true that Samsung can just cut off supply whenever they feel like it. There are supply contracts in place. And also, Samsung would lose revenue from Apple if they just cut off supply whenever they felt like it. 
  If the division that makes Apple's chips and the division making Samsung phones are completely separate, to the point that someone from the phones division can't even get into the chip company's offices without an escort, and essentially being treated like an outsider, then there is nothing for Apple to worry about.   But if that's not the case, then why shouldn't Apple even try to investigate some other options? Why should Apple line a competitor's pockets with cash? I...
  I expect that one of the things people will say is that Samsung isn't a US company. 
  I don't get that part at all. Doesn't Apple normally do its events in the Yorba Buena Center or some other local auditorium, like their own campus? Has something changed that I don't know about?
  Why is the US government entitled to one f***ing dime of money earned by companies overseas? At least if it's earned in the US, one could say that they're using US infrastructure so it's fair to pay US taxes. But it was earned overseas. Apple used other countries' infrastructure in order to earn those profits.
Is it fair for a US citizen to have to pay a dime in taxes to the US on income earned overseas? I don't think it is. And if it is unfair to begin with, why is there talk about making companies pay tax on overseas income? Why not make it so that both individuals and corporations pay tax only on income earned in the US?
And is it fair that you get taxed 2-3X? Because if something isn't fair to you, the answer isn't to wish it on someone else. The answer is to make it so that that unfair action is not visited upon you. Maybe there's a way to make it so that you don't have get taxed 2-3X.
I remember reading somewhere that Apple had accrued the amount of tax liability that they would have to pay if they repatriated their overseas cash. Unfortunately, I don't have a source at the moment. I could be wrong.
And is it fair that you get taxed 2-3X? No it's not. But the answer isn't to make others suffer something that's unfair to begin with. The answer should be to figure out a way so you aren't taxed 2-3X.
But I thought the iPad was just a toy! How can it be taking a lead in the enterprise market? I thought business people do REAL work, and we all know the iPad does nothing whatsoever.   I smell something fishy...somebody probably made this all up.  
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