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Is it fair for a US citizen to have to pay a dime in taxes to the US on income earned overseas? I don't think it is. And if it is unfair to begin with, why is there talk about making companies pay tax on overseas income? Why not make it so that both individuals and corporations pay tax only on income earned in the US?
And is it fair that you get taxed 2-3X? Because if something isn't fair to you, the answer isn't to wish it on someone else. The answer is to make it so that that unfair action is not visited upon you. Maybe there's a way to make it so that you don't have get taxed 2-3X.
I remember reading somewhere that Apple had accrued the amount of tax liability that they would have to pay if they repatriated their overseas cash. Unfortunately, I don't have a source at the moment. I could be wrong.
And is it fair that you get taxed 2-3X? No it's not. But the answer isn't to make others suffer something that's unfair to begin with. The answer should be to figure out a way so you aren't taxed 2-3X.
But I thought the iPad was just a toy! How can it be taking a lead in the enterprise market? I thought business people do REAL work, and we all know the iPad does nothing whatsoever.   I smell something fishy...somebody probably made this all up.  
  That's exactly what I said. Very few corporations pay that rate. But people use the fact that few corporations pay that rate to justify the fact that our taxes aren't really all that high, something that I disagree with.   As I said before, corporations reduce the tax that they actually have to pay after paying lawyers and accountants to come up with a tax strategy. If our marginal tax rate were lower, there wouldn't be as much of an incentive to come up with ways to...
  Your claim about how very few corporations, if not none, pay much less than the marginal tax rate of 35%. But in using this fact to refute a belief that the United States has the largest corporate tax rate in the world and it should be lowered to make our economy more competitive fails to account for a key fact-HOW corporations end up paying that low tax rate. The MARGINAL tax rate represents the tax rate incurred if a company did absolutely nothing at all to lower its...
This guy isn't part of "Wall Street." Wall Street is the group of "analysts," more appropriately known as armchair CEOs. This guy is worse than those Wall Street bigwigs who, in the words of a friend of mine, should stick to deciding what cereal to eat in the morning.
  What you're saying is Apple is not doing enough distributions, making it a shareholder unfriendly company. I understand your reasoning but I disagree with the conclusion.   The stock buyback was always about offsetting dilution from stock option grants. Companies have to be very careful about the message they send when they do distributions. Look at this way. Companies have two choices when it comes to their cash. They can give it back to shareholders or they can...
Are you being serious or sarcastic?   What those armchair CEOs on Wall Street say is meaningless because in the grand scheme of things, it's cash flow that's going to keep your business in good shape, not a trophy signed by the Wall Street bigwigs. The first-place trophy isn't going to pay employees' salaries, fund R&D on the next product, or pay component suppliers. A business needs cash flow in order to to these things.   Market share doesn't automatically...
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