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There is no reason for Apple to buy Nuance because it's not really that important. Nuance provides speech-to-text capability. Siri is where it's at. Even before Apple bought Siri, the company that developed the Siri feature, Siri licensed speech-to-text technology from Nuance. Other license Nuance's speech-to-text technology. Others can't just use Nuance to compete with Siri. Many have dismissed Siri as a gimmick, as something that others can easily compete with. Siri may...
The workaround may be "complex and clumsy" but I think it's partly due to the fact that HTC had to come up with it in such a short amount of time.
Your post proves that patents don't stifle innovation. Apple had a patent on something but HTC innovated around the patent in question.
I am annoyed with people like you who spew a bunch of rhetoric without an ounce of arguments to back it up. If 90% of engineers could have come up with whatever Apple gets patents for in under an hour, why didn't somebody else come up with it and file for a patent?
Microsoft was a "dominating search giant" until Google came along. This doesn't even qualify for bullshit.
You still haven't defined "winning" yet. As for tablets, I would think twice before betting against Apple. With smartphones, Apple was not number one. With tablets, Apple is number one. Google/Android faces an uphill battle to beat Apple. Apple is already on their third iteration of their tablet. Each iteration has been a resounding success. No Android manufacturer can say the same.
Define "winning?" As I have said on many occasions, at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is profits and Apple has won that battle hands down. And secondly, what's your basis for saying that he will own the tablet market?
Or in other words, Apple should try to cut the price and make it up on volume. Great strategy there...NOT!!!!
Point by point response: 1. What exactly do you mean by this statement? And even if Apple loses a lawsuit, the damages amount to chump change for Apple. 2. Lucky for Apple, it's up to a court of law to decide if Apple is guilty of wrongdoing. And from the looks of it, the "idiots" have yet to find proof. 3. Refer to number 2. 4. This is a problem but Apple didn't get to where they are without learning a thing or two about ramping up production. 5. Are you trying to say...
But they're expected to make tons of money.
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