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This is such a dumb idea, the very purpose of a computer is to kill the clutter and disorganization of paper on a desk.
so what's the cheapest way I can get Vista legally again
beat the little fuckers until they cry is what I say
mathematica and photoshop
And look, bam, I press this onscreen button right here, and bam, ice comes out. And it even remembers whether you chose ice or filtered water last time.
Sure let's pay upwards of $2 million to show an ad for a quad-core workstation that is the most niche product in Apple's lineup
How about Apple fixes the numerous problems with Mac Pro B/G wireless too? Heck, I might even pay for that.
Genius Bar Genius Bar Genius Bar. That's been the complaint I've heard the most; people having to wait hours and never having their problems actually fixed.
Nice repartee.
I always thought it looked pretty sharp.
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