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The Abraham thing was a test, so who would follow through knowing that God would only be playing tricks with you?
No, because this would be a straight-up fighter jets against fighter jets, tanks against tanks war, not some ongoing struggle against guerrilas.
iPod commercials are so unoriginal, dancing has been done in tons of commercials before.
I'm just saying, in both "feel" and in benchmarks, OS X is usually the slower. Blaming it on "optimization" is the classic apologism that we went through with the G4 and the G5.
It's LoTR.
OS X is probably slower. Deal with it.
Or that.
He isn't even that funny.
I know that if you enable the Root account (a quick google search should tell you how to do this), there's an "Other User..." option at the bottom of the list of users, clicking that brings up the name/password textboxes.
I like this thread. I will sleep in it. Zzzz.
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