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I hear they've got Communists there.
Yeah, the Xeon 5140,5150, and 5160 processors are just souped-up Core 2 Duos with faster system busses and multiprocessor support.
Not with menufela since it doesn't run in the dock... Open the installer again and choose Uninstall. Why didn't you like menufela? I can't see how it couldn't have done what you wanted, it's so simple.
Yeah, who goes there anyways.
How is Germany today influenced by Nazi Germany?
They're summoning Cthulhu.
I think by "hiding" it, he doesn't mean removing it forever, but having it have similar behavior to a hidden Dock or hidden Taskbar, so it'll pop out when you mouse to the edge of the screen. The menubar personally pisses me off a bit since I never use it since I'm an intense keyboard shortcut man (and hate the thought of burning in my 20" widescreen). So I think he has a reason. It's not like he doesn't get what it does, it's that he doesn't want to see it when he isn't...
Oooh man... I remember that game... I think my friend actually had a copy, I'll ask him. It was on a CD-ROM, right?
This is a good joke, in my country they would go crazy.
I actually think this is really cool, since you always think of your Mac going "out into the magical shipment logistics sphere that fixes your computer" instead of to a repair place. I never really had an idea of what one of those places would look like, I was expecting a smaller office-like environment. Interested me.
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