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Someone should make a list of all the lawsuits against Apple since 2007.
I actually sold my iPad in hope for a better second gen one. If you had an iPhone 4 with the first gen iPad, the iPad seemed a little behind (mostly cause iOS 4) but i hope Apple adds more than just a camera for the next one...
Lol @ jeff zucker. Maybe when comcast takes control they'll change they're mind
Bummer for Apple
I think apple kind of has an advantage cause they charge so much since they don't make low quality products like the rest of the pc makers.
I would leave for tmo. They got good coverage here and the price alone is more than enough reason to switch
Just passing the word that a google voice app has been approved so yeah, i got more info in my sig or just search itunes for yourself! it's 2.99!
it would have been nice to see a bigger cut but $50 is pretty good still
Adobe beta scares me...the released version of Flash crashes I couldn't imagine a beta version
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