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I'm primarily a Windows developer and I can tell you when I attend MS dedicated conventions, the majority of laptops are MBPs.
Maybe if MS sold one operating system that worked instead of Home, Business, Ultimate, etc. I guess they want to give the user options to choose (a/k/a - get the shaft)
There is a large market for workstations that go under desks. Think financial traders. This will enable Apple to go after that market. I think I'd prefer the old case. I guess I'll wait for DDR4 and hopefully 2.5" SAS drives. (is that too much to hope for?)
Obama's lack of leadership represents an opportunity for the Republicans. Why are they silent? Could it be they engineered these loop holes?  
They're just following Rick Perry's example!
The broadcast networks will smear you John. They should all be converted to cable only and the Broadcast spectrum dedicated to something more valuable than Jerry Springer.
All I use from Adobe is Dreamweaver. I really don't want to pay for the whole suite. Guess I'll be checking out WebStorm and other tools.
Best MS Commercial yet! Still not buying though.
I'm 68 years old (still building web sites) and I figure I've got one more PC to go in my life. I think I'll hold on till DDR-4 arrives!
DDR-4, 2 1/2 inch SAS Drives -SSD SLC What Else?
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