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Albert Einstein - on his dying bed asked, "Bring me a pencil and paper please. I want to calculate." SJ is in the same mold.
My HP Servers all use 2.5" Drives these days. I wonder it they'll stick with 3.5"
The game plan here is - Toy R will develop a high margin business selling educational software. If I were them, I'd look at producing it.
I have a client who may be interested in acquiring Ventura.com.
Has anyone seen statistics on how many web hits are being generated by Win 7 Phones. That would seem a more relevant benchmark
MS is good for the average user. I'm running a dual hexcore 64bit with windows 7. It's not that good.
[QUOTE=mitchell_pgh;1774751] I'm hooked on the $8 Netflix service. I always find something worth watching. Apple doesn't have to #1 in everything.
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