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i will not reply to your other concerns as it has been answered already however to give an example, VISA actually has a card face that says VISA Wave.  In itself is a contactless payment wherein the cashier will not need to swipe your card instead you just need to hold your card and yes, wave it near the POS machine. 
it did mention two sizes.. 42mm and 38mm... is 38mm still big??
he is just responding to sog35's post...
the recent posts shows that Xiaomi is really a non-news... hahaha   now going back to the topic and just wanted to share what is happening on other parts of the world, Xiaomi is really a hot commodity here in Asia... they would usually sell phones (and much better than Samsung's products) on a weekly basis thru their website and it is gone in a few minutes sometimes seconds... these are like 5000-1000 units gone in less than few minutes or less... too little as they...
i have the Samsung Galaxy Neo Y (provided by my company) and the charge lasts really long.. sometimes I just find it being dead after few days.. now.. you know why it lasts long, right??? :D
most of the games are having an updated date of like 2 years and older.. having a last hurrah on these games, EA??
well.. they don't know how to do photoshop and does not have common sense.. hahaha
why is it that the top and bottom bezels grow big when the screen size gets big?? i am thinking that this is just fake...
there are battery management apps available in the AppStore and are free... you might want to check on those.. however as per my experience, it is the facebook app that is making my iphone suck battery life the most... 
i was replying to the previous comment and not on the article...i also didn't mention anywhere in my comment that having one backup is an option... or am i missing something??
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