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Granted, US stole from people in Europe. So now it's ok for EU to steal from people in the US? BTW - It's the institutions on either side doing this. You and I would have more respect for each other. I'd not be cheering on for any large institutions (typically government+finance) from any side taking wealth created by regular people as implied by gimarbazat. That was my intent. I'm sorry you read that as whining. I will continue to blame EU, the US or...
If you have 401K or IRA or any retirement portfolio, guess who's money the EU is dipping its grubby hands into?   -- Edit to add "EU"
I think it was $13-14 billion. It's more than the net profit of Google in 2013. Also, Samsung has to pay Microsoft somewhere in the area of $1 billion per year for licensing. In contrast, I think Apple spends about $1 billion on marketing per year. Contrast that to many Apple haters' opinion that Apple is 'just marketing' is pretty amusing.
Interesting. That was analogous to Apple inviting Microsoft over to learn about their GUI at code level with support engineers and machines for testing back in the 80s.
Yes. But it does't matter who wins, some will still want to change away from ROC.
It's part of the official name of Taiwan in both English and Chinese. Some people in Taiwan wants to change that but not all.
Ruling class typically produces nothing but takes from those who does produce. They do not apply trade in what they do. The EU and large government bodies practices this.
Destroyer of wealth generated through legal trade. The ruling class never change in human history.
Have you seen the latest laptop design from HP and Dell? You might notice how close they resemble a MacBook Pro. What kind of culture do you suppose exist here in the land of IP protection?
Anyone else noticed that the headphone jack and Lightning port is smaller? Hope it's just placeholder and it uses normal size headphone jack and Lightning port. After all, iPod touch 5th gen has about same thickness as this rendering but no difference with port sizes.
New Posts  All Forums: