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The interior is what turned me off from Model S. The value of the car went down for me from that point.
Don't take lightly these efforts in China where most manufacturing for Apple products take place. No need to use Global Warming as a reason for this effort. China has a more immediate challenge in battling smog. This is a step in the right direction to get rid of the smog in China where the air is not fit for breathing half the time during the year.
Freedom Fries!!!!
 Economics starts with basic needs. Step 1 - survive. Use some common sense. No one constantly eat as you've described. As long as people are present, they will eventually need food. It's a constant or do you expect it to vary for some where they can go on without eating? Main point is this. Nothing is special about being consumers. As soon as you start to breath and eat, you consume. Just being able to consume doesn't create jobs. Some need to employ themselves and/or...
I guess you don't get hungry.
Demand is a constant. Everyone consumes. It takes no special effort. When do you plan to stop consuming food grown by others? The act of living causes consumption. Starting a business and employing people takes much more work and energy. Not sure why you think it's trivial or uninteresting. Yes, for their effort, one would expect to profit from employing people at a job. Besides creating jobs, an employer has to maintain their businesses to compel employees to stick...
Yes! Employers. Don't forget those guys. Jobs don't automatically create themselves just because "consumers". Someone has to do the work of creating the task required, a place to work, finding someone willing to fill it and paying that someone whether profitable or not for the business. Employers are not trivial in the equation of job creation <----- my whole point to jsmythe00 and later you. Stating "Consumers create jobs" may sound right but it is incomplete.
Which consumer do you work for and pays you?
Justice is not the goal. EU is printing €65 billion per month. They need all the money they can get their hands on.
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